The Secret Formula of Attraction and Our Reality

“It is common that many of us believe dreams have little value in our reality, that is but merely an illusion. Dreams are essential for our many aspects of our physical life including the reality over time that we create..”

I am about to reveal to you something amazing. Look at the things in your life right now, look at your house, look at your car, your relationships, your successes. What do they all have in common.? The truth is they all are aspects that you created with an initial thought of what you desired. And i mean anything, it could be positive, it could be negative it could be in between. Your life is literally sculpted by your thought alone.

Now, before you jump in and say, wait on here Timon, are you saying I attracted the house i live in, the debt i have, or the women or man into my life..? Are you saying even if i am unhappy with my life, i created that with my own desires in my own mind..? The answer from me is this..


If one focuses on bills or debts or problems in there life they literally will attract that element to them. The law of Attraction states, if you think on something, attach a emotional attribute to it and take action to that thought that literally creates your world.

Many people respond with answers to this claim like ” but, i want to be wealthy, i want to be healthy, i want to have the perfect wife or husband.”

That is great, but is it the element you focus on and believe in..? Is it something you took action on as well.

Let me explain something a bit clearer. If you want something, really want something then in order to create the powers of magickal attraction you need these three elements.

Formula of Attraction

Thought + Belief + Emotions = Expected Outcome.

The above formula works with everyone and every time. In fact every element of life is a reaction to it, otherwise cities would not exist and people would not of visited the moon. Each element involves an initial thought and that thought alone makes it possible. That is not to say there are no rules, there are, just that each of us has the ability to literally change there lives overnight.

Let me take a look at my life for a moment, I was not brought up in a wealthy family, in fact i had some negative influence in my life as i grew up, but i was brought up to believe a dream can become reality. There was one day, I wanted a successful internet business, i thought on it.. It was not until months later i was given a free course in online marketing and then next thing you know most of my money comes from online only. In fact today all of it does. The point is this was an initial thought and dream and it became reality. I could of kept working the 9 to 5 but instead i let my thoughts and belief of that dream guide me..

thailand beach

A second example is I made a dream board around the same time going back now more than 6 years, on it i placed heaps of images of beautiful places, mainly tropical locations. At first i meant these images only as a place to live. But that is not how the law of attraction works.. Almost a year later i found myself travelling tropical places in south east Asia. Looking at the view from one of my bungalows I suddenly realized i was literally in one of my dream board images. Living the dream so to speak. Golden rule here is dream boards are amazing, I then spent over 4 to 5 years travelling around many places in the world and enjoying my life..

And to think, that simple action of a board helped me get to my dream reality of internet and then lifestyle..

Simple goal really now that i look back on it..  Financial freedom enough to live a lifestyle in tropical locations. And it happened. Of course it is something I did not realize until i was literally in these dreams, but now i know..

Just like I turned down other attractions that had been initially a thought as well. We still have control.

And the list goes on, I have hundreds of examples really,  there is literally nothing one cannot do to change things around in our lives.

imagine lifestyle

Imagine this, living abundantly, living with more time with family, getting the dream job or lifestyle, dream wife or husband. Each one is possible in us all, use the formula and be open to opportunity. Same goes in business, imagine your business better, then before you know it more ideas will come and act on them.. That is the law of change, to improve what is there, to create unlimited wishes of abundance.

That is why some people can literally take a failing business and make it successful. They expect it..

Let me know what has effected you in your life by commenting below, what did you think on in the past as a desire and now you have, you may find just like me the list is almost endless.

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