Top Tools & Equipment Needed for Ghost Hunting

So you are thinking about Ghost Hunting or you are investigating a paranormal occurrence in your house? Well, there are a number of tools and equipment that I believe all paranormal investigations should have. These tools can be used together to help form a case ( evidence ) for your claim and help as well in finding out exactly what is going on.

For your convenience each of the products below can be easily purchased online.

I will also give a description beside each to inform you of what they can be used for..

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EMF Tool 

The EMF detector helps an investigator identify fluctuations in the electro magnetic field which in some cases can indicate what many paranormal investigators claim as ghost activity. In many cases where ghost encounters or paranormal activity occurs it is true that electro magnetic force is usually very high therefore if it fluctuates during an investigation it can help to find sources of the activity in the house or haunted location.

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The Ghost Box 

The ghost box is a tool that scans AMFM frequencies looking at static or white white. Often at times during white noise voices and communication can be heard and to many investigators this can be seen as a ghost trying to communicate.

Digital Camera

When encountering paranormal or scanning a haunted house, take many photoes, sometimes the eyes cannot pick up what the camera does.. Look for unusual lighting, orbs, misty smoke or dark shadows that are unexplainable. These are common ghost images.

Digital Recorder

A good digital recorder is good to have as it can hear further than the ears can and after the investigation you can run it through your computer and analyse for sounds or voices. Clues to communication during the Ghost hunting exercise. Often during a investigation one may not experience anything, however on the digital recorder many sounds and noises may be heard that you never heard during the time in the location. This is a great tool.

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Pen and Paper

This is an easy one which we all have, this is for recording in writing anything you notice like a journal. It helps, trust me..

Motion Detector

Optional, but a good one, the motion detector can scan and while you are away from an area it will look for motion and let you know when it finds it. This can also be used in conjunction with cameras and can help gather evidence.

Thermal Scanner

Thermal scanners are great, often at times a ghost will leave a temperature change when it tries to form, a thermal scanner therefore is useful in detecting changes in temp and sometimes can be used to pick the entity completely where other tools will not. This is a powerful tool.

Two Way Radios

No Ghost hunt is complete with out two way radios to allow communication between the people doing the hunt. They are cool and work great and allow team members to split up increasing the chance of a paranormal experience.

2 way radios

Extra Batteries

Spare batteries are important because spirits or ghosts can actually drain power from sources during an investigation. In fact sometimes the drain can happen within minutes so spare batteries are a must in all cases. There is nothing worse than being all set up and then a paranormal battery drain occurs.. And yes they do happen often..

Trusty Flashlight torch

A flashlight is a good idea as hunting in the dark can be very dangerous. A trusty torch is always needed and every team member should carry a good one or multiple. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a haunted house with no power and the batteries on the torch start to fail. It does happen and so carrying a spare is always good.

AS an optional extra one can also use a Ouija Board.

If you can think of any other tools needed then feel free to comment your ideas below on what I should add to the list.?

3 thoughts on “Top Tools & Equipment Needed for Ghost Hunting

  1. I like your list of tools except for the Ouija board. These boards can sometimes call up evil entities. Things that could be called Demons. These entities can be very difficult to get rid of. There is not much in this world that I am afraid of except Ouija boards.
    Namaste, Ken

  2. How can an individual interested in investigating the paranormal acquire the tools needed to capture proof, in effect how can I become an amateur paranormal investigator?

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