Using the Occult to Create Wealth or Money!

One element of the Occult is the ability to create wealth. If you have not seen the movie “the Secret” you may want to as this a perfect example of how people create wealth with thought and positive thinking. The video sums up the basic principles of how using positive controlled thought can create more than just health or healing benefits it can also draw money..

There are two sides or two prinicples about when creating wealth with occult energy, there is the side where people are doing it everyday unintentionally and there is the side where people do it intentionally..

Unintentional Occult Wealth Creation

First of all unintentional wealth creation is the same as intentionally, that it uses the energy around us, yet the wielder is unsure they are doing it. A perfect example is in business, people using techniques of positive thinking to create more wealth in the business.. It is not like the whole concept of hokus pokus and bang money is there, however it creates money none the less.. In the end it all comes down to belief and capital understanding. By positively thinking  on a business deal does not necessarily guarantee a good deal for the business person, however it does draw different magnetic forces in the universe your way very much like the same as a sorcerer.

There is a common understanding of positive thinking in the business world where  ego are positive thought are two elements that can manipulate the energy, so that is where the Occult comes in.. Have you ever noticed how some people that create wealth seem to do it so easy, its almost like money is knocking on there door. The truth is these people are so confident in no rejection that the energy listens. When you think about money it is just an energy as well, neither good nor bad, just a tool that how it is used decides its fate..

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Intentional Occult Wealth Creation

Intentional wealth creation is created in the occult via deliberate means. It can involve a ritual or meditation or even just focus on positive thought forms.. The most common intentional method in the modern age to creating wealth is through positive thought creation. This is where a person, develops a understanding of the energy and positively charges it with there money needs. This can be done via goal setting and using thought that have no negatives..

While no negative thoughts is almost impossible, the easiest technique is to prove it works first is by creating a realistic money or wealth goal. Then place the goal that is possible under your pillow and whisper it to your self every night and every morning. The paper could read simply 20 dollars will come my way tomorrow from somewhere.. See what happens, the key here is believing undeniably which can be hard for some people..

In future posts I will go into how to use Meditation or Rituals for wealth creation..

36 thoughts on “Using the Occult to Create Wealth or Money!

  1. I have laboured & did all I can to make some real good money, all seems abortive…..Pls what does it take to make this money cos I need to make it now before the month of DECEMBER.


    • Hi Ephraim,
      When trying to create wealth using magic one must be careful as most of the time it is for selfish intent. Try to focus internally what may be able to help you be more magnetic to it.. Visualise more money in your wallet before sleeping, more money in the bank. Also brainstorm a figure that is needed to help you and put that figure under your pillow. That way subconsciously when asleep a manifestation can occur.

      Another note is it is really important to focus on positive. I know it is really hard when in a tough money situation, however it is like a magnet, positive attracts positive, including needed money, positive relationships and happy lifestyle. In down times it is more important to be more positive..

      I also suggest to try to meditate and try to let go of your money issues by visualizing positive money around you. This can create changes to create it.. Its not an instant fix, but helps many..

  2. acturly i have been seaching to see what i must do to make money inlife,b/c,i have did all kinds of jobs ,,i did manythings to make money but still as desame,,plz i really what to know what it takes to become a rich man,,if possible i would even love to have it this month even if i have to shorten my life,,,

    • Hey Joseph,
      You need to look at money like a tool, not so much like a vice.. If you depend on money your world will attract the money is drawn to you.. Everything in life is spiritual.. Even how money is perceived..

  3. i ‘ve practicing that positive attitude to attract money ‘n it seem to be workin. i sometimes see luxury things- cars ‘n others ‘n believe their mine. 4de first time i raise over $ 2000 which i neva work 4

  4. Timon thank you for this post. I will put what I have read to practice.I believe strongly that its definitely going to work for me.thanks

  5. yeah,meditation seems to be the best way.
    If you need money, and believes in spirituality of the universe. Then you need to chant some mantra of wealth/money. (thz my secret as a spiritual student.
    Contact me for good mantra’s to chant and see your money miracles so soon,
    2nd is an easy spells you could cast and see your wealth like a surprise.
    Yeah. am happy to share if contacted.

        • Hey Maureen,
          Sorry to hear about your situation, in order to do a effective money spell there is a lot of effort because it is about attracting the energy of money. One has to be extremely positive which is a long process to change when throughout most peoples lives we have been taught to believe in debt and poverty. In general the whole system of most governments is based on debt as a basis of making money. So one has to free themselves from want almost completely and then follow a passion that links them to there dreams or thought forms. If one can positively focus on it for a long time then the universe will align itself to give us what we want with the power of thought and positive attraction. That is why so many that become rich do so by spending time with others that are rich, they know the secret in a way, they tapped into, maybe thought by accident and unknowingly.

          Thought is a very powerful thing.. Baby steps are needed as well, use positive thought to imagine your new place together. Sit and think on it positively, then then imagine opportunities in that place and then branch from there.. Imagine your kid in the school of your dreams, imagine yourself the way you want to be.. Healthy etc.. Always project what one wants and you will be surprised at the universe answering.

          Real magick is a projection of oneself overall and most things in life are projections of our own thoughts as we grow and get older as well..

          In a future post I will go over manifestations of thought in a easy step by step to do situation, the steps involved to make changes and how to build on that.. So make sure to subscribe for future information.


  6. Hi Timon, I would like to ask this question! Did I have to write down the amount of money I want only in U.S. Dollars? Because I am not in U.S and my country doesn’t the U.S $. Thanx!

    • Hey Strondo,
      Write down a realistic number you can believe in, in your own currency in order for it be as effective as possible.. One has to be as positive about the figure as possible, plus one has to listen to opportunities that may arise to get you to that destination as well.

  7. Please I want prosperity and wealth in my life. Can some one help me direct me a powerful occult order which provide rapid ways of wealth. Thank you

  8. Thnks I dnt knw hw I m going to meditate but i will try.i need sum of $5000.i will write it on paper and put it under my pillow. right I believe God will grant me.

  9. I want too have enough money for my musical carrier, am a great singer but finances holding my progress I need about 30 thousand dollars for a change.

  10. Secret movie is based on occult?,
    Have seen it ,
    And believing also from last three years , that it is the only way to become rich famous and on and on , but when and how it works only secret people knows

    Still on hope it will happen ?

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