Using Thought to Make Yourself More Beautiful!

Amazing discoveries are being found everyday in science and quantum physics. One discovery that has been thoroughly studied is the power of emotional thoughts on our bodies. Basically what they are discovering is that thoughts can make us or break us..

It can kill us, it can empower us, it can make us happy or make us healthy or lastly make us more attractive (beautiful).

We are thoughts, so in turn good positive thoughts can make us more beautiful.

It makes so much sense, if we are always programming ourselves everyday that everything sucks, then our bodies will start to create that a reality. Scientists call this change effect, pep-tides effecting our cells. Basically whatever emotion we experience effects us and our body by pep-tides being created by the thalamus of the brain and then coursing through our body attaching itself to our cells.

The more happy or respectful and beautiful we see our selves produces more and more pep-tides that make it so.. Our bodies over time can become more to our desires. A scary thought to anyone that may think negatively a lot..

Add thinking beautiful to your daily beauty routine..

Overall basically what this is saying is thought can make us more beautiful. We are what we think so to speak.. A beauty tip a lot of people should try is next time you look in the mirror see only the positives about yourself and tell your self your beautiful.. It may be just as effective as any skin care beauty routine or maybe use it at the same time..

As I have mentioned in previous posts energy is thought as well, therefore it is important to mainly create positive thoughts (emotions) as they can change the world..

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