Was This A Real Flying Girl?

Have you ever wanted to fly? Well here is an interesting topic for you, earlier this year in Russia a bit of footage was produced that is claimed to be authentic. In the footage it shows a Russian man walking his dog in the forest and accidentally stumbling on what appears to be a girl practicing to fly.

What has me thinking though is there are so many ways to manipulate film these days that it is easy to be skeptical no matter how good the film looks. Could it be that she is flying or is it that she simply is in some sort of harness in the air. Like I said before, it is amazing what they can do with film these days, the girl may not even be there (superimposed).

( Footage above of flying girl from a Russian news station aired early this year – Sorry but it is in Russian Language )

To make the story bigger the guy that was walking his dog is also claiming that when his dog went to chase them they were gone and that the dog could not keep up with them. Like in a way they were surprised when practicing some ancient flying magick and then quickly ran and darted off in a magickal way as well because to out run a dog that would be impressive, especially for a little girl in the snow in the forest.

What do you think of the video, Is the girl really Flying or is it just another film trick that is just trying to get some money and publicity. I will let you decide.

When you have your thoughts on the subject please comment below on it as well. True or False?

The image to the right shows the girl flying in what appears to be circles above her possible mum or similar.

10 thoughts on “Was This A Real Flying Girl?

  1. Flying girl pic: Honestly, I don’t know if pic is real or not only because I didn’t personally see it happen. Now, I can say I have seen two people fly with my own eyes. 1. Venice Beach, California 1994. My friend saw it first, then I saw it. A man carrying the Satanic Bible was walking down boardwalk 2-3 feet above the ground. 2. Fullerton, Calif. 1997. An old boyfriend of mine saw I was in danger. He was 8-10 feet behind me. I felt him lift off the ground and land directly behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see him fly the last 2-3 feet and land. We are still really good friends and he tells me he has never flew since that one incident.

  2. well what can I say aherm …miracale caught on film but surprise surprise man actually pans OUT of miraculous flying girl just in time for him to capture her on foot after landing off camera…heres my theory, “girl” is a helium balloon, dressed the same as real girl , you never see her face and head bobs quite alarmingly for a ‘REAL” human child, camera pans into other scene woman “pops” balloon, hides clothing behind forest tree or bush and “real ” girl dressed identically appears from area out of shot range probs from behind a tree …no one would for a start, ever stop filming something like this and be distracted by their dog ffs and no one would just happen to capture the back of the flying ‘girl” no face no words or exclamation, one would think caught off guard she would “drop” to ground and this would be on film but no , she seemingly lands perfectly unruffled while man “diverts” filming to something far less interesting..his dog !!!! no way is this real !!!

  3. Look at the video,just behind the lil girl. There seems to be a wire,rope,something. 2nd why was buddy carrying his video camera? To many red flags saying this is a hoax.Ty 4 the entertainment.

  4. Why isn’t anyone mentioning the obvious? The girl is clearly not holding herself up or levitating. It is very easy to see a figure below her walking back and forth. The question should be is their video editing here in order to erase the person holding her up or is it some sort of entity? Slow the video down and even go frame by frame and you will be able to see this figure, he even looks and waves at the camera

  5. it’s a fake, all fake. nothing like this is going to happen and be on youtube in a bad quality mobile phone video.
    Everybody wants to believe but there is no proof out there to support that. wishes stay wishes.

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