Were you Born with Psychic Abilities?

Are some people born with psychic abilities.? The quickest answer is yes, however all of us have traits to some extent, we just do not see it.. In this post i wanted to focus on how to deal with these traits. To many being born with psychic abilities sounds fun, however in reality it can be quite frightening to those that are really having them and not sure what they are.

So let’s begin, like anyone being born with a gift, some people are gifted with music, some with singing and some with whatever you can throw out there .. The same goes with psychic traits.

Born Psychic..

Some people have the psychic trait thrown at them, they may see ghosts, they may be able to hear voices, they also may be able to predict the future or know where lost items are and many more.. These are just some to name.. However did they choose this ability, did they want to hear voices or see ghosts or what ever it is? Was it a choice or decision already made.

The truth is some have to open doors over time to the psychic world, while some already have them open.

The first thing one wants to do in this circumstance is try not to fear it, first off. This will not help, it will just make you more upset each experience you have. Secondly work out your main psychic trait. And thirdly and lastly see another psychic in that area of ability to help better understand your condition. You may be lost with what you have, however many others would have been where you are now and can help you with your condition.

Psychic Steps of Action – Overview

1. ) Do not fear, fear is not constructive and can even make you contact negative forces.

2. ) Work out your main Psychic Trait in question.

3. ) See another well known psychic with the same traits for better understanding of your condition for using or controlling..

Being Psychic is not like X-men or the Movies, it is more like an extra sense.. It is an experience inside that has changed many peoples lives across the world.

psychic yantra

Control the Experience and Know what you have..

The last one is so important for those trying to control the experience in particular for those that may think they are crazy when in reality they are not. In particular with seeing ghosts, so many people have in there minds seeing has to be a hallucination so they may see many doctors, get tests done to no avail..

This is not saying, to not see doctors to check if it is not some medical condition, this is just saying that once that is ruled (all medical cleared) out then that’s when you can evaluate the psychic option. And I can tell you, there are plenty of psychics out there, ranging from mediums to healers to future tellers etc.. All of them had to go through a transition of sorts to trust there own psychic abilities and to understand themselves.

Welcome to the Psychic World!

So in conclusion if you were born with a Psychic ability try not to see it like a weakness, instead try to see it like it is you. Your view on this amazing world. This is what makes you, you. Excepting and understanding can go a long way.

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  1. Can you help me I think I have a mix of ESP, Clairvoyant (knowing emotions) and Precognition. I am 12 and I think I am Psychic.

    • Hey Kelsey,
      Thanks for the comment.. I would recommend to start by writing down your experiences when you have them.. How long have you been experiencing this..? Make sure to talk to your parents about it as well..

    • Clairvoyance is being aware of events beyond your senses, or the future, which can be used to describe it, but a better word for being aware of emotions is Empathy, as is a more direct term for sensing emotions.

  2. My girlfriend is having experiances daily of seeing my grandma who recently passed away. It started at night just in our bedroom but now it is all over the house. Just wondering if she is trying to tell us something or just watching over us?

  3. Ever since I was little people of all ages have come to me with their problems. Usually they don’t seek advice, it just comes out of them. In my teens I experienced a lot of paranormal activity. Deceased relatives would visit me, I had no control over it. And I recently found out that my Great Grandmother was a Healer, is it possible some of her abilities, if not all were passed down to me?

    • Very Possible David. Magic tends to run in families, however it is the tuning that is more proficient that makes the difference. Anyone can become pyschic if applied right and the right tuning.. For you, if it runs in the family it is easier to tune naturally..

  4. I’m sooo confused. I mean since I was like 7, all I knew was I wud think of a show and a certain part and when I got home I turned on my tv and it was on that same part. and now I am 13 and my moms friend said I’m indigo. but now ever since she said that, I’m able to see,and hear things. I can even tell what they were wearing,what color, and how old they were. what shud I do?

    • Hey Cristina,
      Interesting ability.. Try to see it like a gift. See the positive side of this psychic ability. I know it is confusing and scary at times especially when you are 13.

  5. hi its me again. Cristina , but why after my moms friend told me im indigo i started to see things. i mean i get the whole tv thing and i would have dreams and it would happen.but why is it that after she had told me. i see these things. o and how do i react when i see them because i have this person that had died not at our house but somewhere else. and he used to live here and he comes into my dads room and just hangs out there. hes not mean or anything. but i don’t think that he knows i can see him.o and i heard that when you stat to get older, you can start to loose your ability.o and also do u think i should find a paranormal counselor because my mom said i should be careful to who i tell my experiences too. like ones who also have experiences so they can tell how to deal with it.

    • Hi Cristina-this probably won’t find you since I’m replying six years later, but I think I can explain why you are suddenly “more” aware of things (seeing more things) after being told you’re an indigo (possibly an empath/light worker, etc) After you were told you’re probably an “indigo” you looked it up right? You wanted to see what it meant to be an indigo. Well, by doing so, you gave your brain/perceptions, parameters by which to classify things. By realizing what an indigo is capable of, you inadvertently opened yourself up to more abilities; simply you turned on more of your ability by realizing you have THAT ability. You defined your capabilities by looking up the definition-like a self fulfilling prophecy, but in this case, the abilities of an indigo/empath/light worker, etc. Sounds like double speak, but I assure you I’m in the same boat and realized that I’m an Indigo, an Empath and I’ve had encounters with so many different paranormal phenomenon from full on light beings to a basketball sized blue orb to opaque blue/grey light apparitions, to large ecto mist clouds, to hard banging on my kitchen table, to being tucked in at night, to severe cold spots (when the A/C is off) to strange perfume smells, to smoke detector going off (when unplugged and battery removed) to dreams coming true (nothing good) to instant psychic abilities: thinking of someone and them calling moments later, or thinking of someone and seeing them minutes later in the store or in the car a few lanes over to thinking about a movie or a scene and then turning on the tv and its playing (happened this morning). The frequency in which these things are occurring has increased dramatically the past 18 months or so, but the light being and banging on my bed frame happened when I was about 5 years old.

  6. im 15 and i think i have an intuitive mind ever since i was born my mind has been jumpin through portals can you tell me where i should go from now i already know i have a gift and i try to teach my friends but some just don’t understand and i have found one who is an emotional intuitive but i barely see her

  7. For the past year I have had dreams of people being murdered. I have never known or seen the people in the dreams, and I’m not actually in the dreams, just seeing whats going on. It’s scary because they are really gruesome murders, and it feels so real. In the past I have had dreams and then they happen…so I’m worried that these could be happening somewhere…

    • Hey Zoe,
      Sometimes dreaming of death or murder can be a positive thing meaning you are conquering aspects of your life. If you do not feel this is the case then i recommend going to a good psychic and telling them your experiences. They will be able to maybe locate what is happening exactly.

  8. Hey, I’m 12 years old turning 13 in two months, and I think I may have
    pshycic ablites, for example, when I was about 9 or 10 years old
    I would be watching TV and think of a show and specific episode
    and 3 seconds later it would be on,also My friend made me guess
    when her birthday was and I said October 3,1998 . And I was correct
    and she just stares at me with an akward look. Also When I dream I see
    images and when I’m at school I see those events that occured in my dream.
    Also I think I could sence how another person is feeling. I try telling my parents but
    it appears to me that they don’t care. So I guess I’m alone on this, unless you have some advice.

  9. Hi everyone,

    I am 28 and I have abilities as well. I have visions of future events. Where I will go or clues to when change will happen. I can heal peoples physical and emotional wounds. I can communicate with the dead. i can read peoples mind and tell them on the phone or msgers what they are wearing, which direction they are facing and how they are feeling without them even giving me a clue at all as to any of it.

    I have always had this ability. I didn’t realize i could heal until i was 15 when my mom got really sick. I spent hours praying and hoping she wouldn’t die. Then i had this feeling that if i placed my hands on her i could heal her. So i did and she got better.

    I have had so many encounters with paranormal activity since i was young. I know when spirits come to me and they give me images like flashes of what they are trying to tell me.

    I have been working on trying to do distance healing (for my family overseas) and i have slight results but I cannot heal them completely like i can in person.

    I also have some problems with some people who have mental and psychic barriers. They themselves dont know how to bring it down and i ahve tried sessions with them to try to bring it down to allow me in. This is something i am struggling with.

    I am slowly working on other things. I have taken alot of online psychic tests. You know the ones whereyou pick the picture of the card or you predict which symbol comes up. It seems i am steps ahead of the game. as in what i predicted for the last card happens to be the next card. I am not sure those are actually creditable.

    I really feel like i need someone like me to help me to focus and enhance these ablilties. There are many fortune tellers and psychics here where i live but i am not in an english speaking country and although i can speak 4 languages i am learning the newest one where i live and it is taking time.

    I often read that usually a person has one or maybe two abilities but i have several. I am just wondering how it is that i am having all of these? Is that even normal?

    SunShine Shan

    • Hello Sunsine, my name is Elizabeth I am a Born Psychic. I did not learn, or study. But I knew I was different since I was 3. Nobody unserstands a born psychic. Not even family. I can’t talk about my everyday experiences. People would think im mentally ill. I feel like I live in 2 different worlds. Love to be alone because thats the way I comunicate in spiritual world. People or family dont understand that. They think I want to be alone to hide a depression or im hiding something. Lol!! Would love.to have someone to talk to that can relate. I do readings, people call me me for years, but sometimes im afraid to become well known. I do not want to be on tv or solving cases. And let me tell you most Palm Reading Business are really for entertainment and give real psychics a bad name. I know, I see, I hear even when talking about me or planning something that can affect me. I can tell u of how irritating such a person has a voice. My out of body experiences are to help someone cross over, or go to my meetings with my spiritual guides im so connected to them they are always communicating me everything I need to know. Its a very different life Yes I feel special spiritually but lonely as a person. My childhood was very difficult, I was called a liar, day dreamer, teachers would suggest special ed. They thought something was.not normal, some would be uncomfortable. No babysitter wanted to watch me. I would scare them when I would say something that only they knew. There are some off limit information sometimes it’s better that way or its a lesson I can’t touch or person is not allowed to know yet. And I respect that and understand. I feel you want someone to validate information, we are the first ones to doubt ourself and somtimes we don’t want to say something unless we have some source of validation. And to answer your question, YES its normal.


      PS. I see u posted in 2010 but for some reason I came across this blogger now. And felt I wanted to share.Elizabeth

      • Hi im 15 years old when i was 14 years old I experienced some symptoms of being weird but when i checked the psychic symptoms i was amazed and i feel like I know who i am almost all symptoms i see actually me so i think that am psychic.i can see aura ,hear ,feel,sometimes see ghosts, i can say to my friend what is her future but its all bad things, i feel like i can heal myself so when my sister sick i put my hand on her head to heal her. When i was a little I always wake up 3:00 .

  10. Hi! My name is dominique, i am 17 yrs old and i also have a psychic ability which is communicating wit spirits. I can talk to the good and the evil such as guardian angles and demons. I also have a second gift which is hypnotizing people i can control people by placing them under my spell. But i need help increasing these abilities.

  11. I could be considered an “old man”, but I’ve always had a knack for finding things or
    “feeling” things and places. I rub my hands together and hold palms down. The “lost object” then “sings” to me. I don’t enjoy playing cards, not when I “see” through the backs. The list of “things” I have done that’s a bit “strange” goes on forever. Actually, I’ve had lots of fun and have never tried to hide anything. One day, I might be burned as a “witch”…

  12. Hiya, Im Taylor. And well the thing about me is….. I want to have a psychic ability. Meaning ever since i was very little i always knew there was something special about me. And that everything happens for a reason (hence me being on this site. haha) And sometimes when i lie in bed i get startled when something brushes or touches my legs, toes, arm, ect. Is this my gaurdian angel? Im not scared or anything. How to I become a psychic?? Please can someone help me i have tried EVERYTHING!!! (PS: i have tarot cards, a pendulum, tons of books on the matter, reiki books. ect.) I use them and they work but i was thinking something more advanced for me. (I want to take it to the next level)

    • Hey Taylor,
      I recommend reading as many books on the subject as possible, that way you you will hear everyones perspective on every subject and get a broader idea on developing your self better and in a way that is best for you..

      • Hi, I am from Belize. I don’t know if I am a psychic, but when I go around people I can sense if they are bad or good. I can sense their emotion, either they like me or not. Am I crazy ……..?

        • Me 2. I’m like this and I always end up being right. Also, I have dreams that are focused on either someone tryinf to hurt me or some good hapoening tk me and they usually come to reality. Also, sometimes I think about someone or something and that comes to reality. In essence, my abilities are ceneeded around helping me.navigate this world. Am I psychic? Or just intuitive like other people

    • Trust me on this one Taylor. You do not want one they are extremely hardto deal with. I am only 12 years old and I know that. When you see hear feel and think these things, all you want is to be that normal girl walking down the street. Same for anyone else?

  13. Hi, my name is Ryan and i am 13. when i was about 6 i used to have dreams about a lion looking into my window. It was always the same dream. When i was about 7 i was in my bathroom and i turned around and there was a puff of smoke. I dont know why, but i screamed at the smoke and jumped back. My mom came running down the stairs to see if i was ok. But when she got there it was gone. (this was at my old house) She invited friends over but didnt tell them what happened and they said that they felt like they were being watched. Now i am 13 and for some strange reason we were talking about spirits the other week and when i brought up that i felt unsafe at my old house, she went quiet. She asked me if i remembered the time i saw a puff of smoke and i said yes. Then she said that i saw a spirit. She said i was too young for her too tell me back then. She told me that she could sense death but didnt know who it was. Then it would happen within a day. She said that the spirit she sensed in our house was an evil presence. She said that she felt like she was going to get pushed down the stairs. Now we live somewhere else but i feel unsafe here too. In my room i feel like a lady is standing at the foot of my bed watching me sleep. I dont know how but i just feel very strongly that a lady is there. I feel like she wants to kill me. I will run to my bed as fast as i can because i think she is chasing me. I also keep the Bible in my room, hoping that it keeps evil away. I am really scared and feel like i am going to cry whenever i think of it. But i have to know, do i have the ability to sense the presence of spirits? If my mom can sense death the day it happens and she can sense spirits and sometimes she can even tell if her phone will ring, is it possible that i could have picked something up? I saw a freaking spirit! i am scared please answer. (p.s. sometimes street lights will go out under my moms head. She has been told that it was because of her spiritual energy.)

  14. Well, i was born seeing ghost. When i was 7 i starting seeing the further. Now, i see auras and i can predict what you are thinking. Its scary in a way because where i live there are many of ghost and spirits that come to me. some knock stuff over and threaten me other talk to me and guide me thur life. How can i increase my abilities. I am (Cherokee) Indian, Japanese AND black. Basically all of my Indian family have special abilities like mine.

  15. hello my name is sharon iam 31 yrs old.
    my grandmother was a santeria practitioner, i have been speaking and seen spirits since i was a very young child the earliest memorie i have is from when i was 2 yrs old and up to date.
    spirits speak to me they give me messeges i see them every were and as i get older it gets stronger lately i have been telling people thiings that i couldnt possibly know i see things on them for example i told my sisterinlaws father that i was seen him dressd in red and white and he was freakd out by it he said how could i possibly know that he was dressing those colors the next day i told him i was seen him dressd in the clothe.
    the other thing is i can look at a person and tell u exacly what they r about or things they have done at times i can feel what they feel every single time my sister inlaw has been pregnant i told her before she new and i told her what she was having too.
    i also have dreams and i am never wrong about them it use to creep me out but not anymore i do want advice becouse i am a new wiccan practitioner..
    thank u
    blessed be…..

  16. well it seems that my abilities seem to come and go although i would like to be more in touch with my abilities though i seem to be able to feel when someone is around me other then humans. i worked at this bar for years and never payed attention before till the past few years every now on then i would feel like someone was touching me on different occassions and in different places on my body like a pinch on my arm or leg or a poke on my shoulder. i even told one co worker she was pregnant and had no ideal myself then a few other co workers a different time would walk pass me and i would feel their pain or sadness weird huh. ive seen two dark shadows at my job pass by me one very quickly and the other by a door and i seen it from the side of my eyes through a mirror. sometimes when im out in public i feel like people are jus looking at me staring and exspecially small children. i met this guy who is a code on daro indian guy and i would go see him for cleansing and protection besides praying but i dont know seem like my abilities weaken when im not in contact with him and i dont really understand that. Then ive notice seem like ive been having this thing about trains when i hear them i cud hear it going over the tracks and even the motor like clearily and yet it seems so close to me i feel excited. maybe you could answer some of my scattered questions please?

  17. you know its not just those things after going to bed at night as a young child i use to be real scared of the dark i remembered and always slept with the blankets over my head but as i got older i wonder why not that im actually paying more attention to things. i lived in this one house for three years as an adult with my children and a boyfriend my room was in the basement a few times when i went tot bed i would hear someone running across my livingroom floor and i would come up and check and no one was there one night i could of sworn i heard a little girls voice outside my door but i couldnt make out what she was saying. However ive always ignored the fact that my youngest son would tell me their was someone in his room. Another night i felt someone pushing on my back with their hand covering my mouth and me trying to yell for help i guess it was a bad dream or was it? i hate to say it but when i was a young teenager i think i really experince a bad ghost or evil spirit rape me while i slept is that really possible? No respect for the living huh i feel somewhat embarrass to even mention it but i want a answer from somone who would know why? and that you wouldnt think i was crazy right!!!!!!!!!

  18. I don’t know what you call it but when someone’s close enough and whatever emotional spike happens within them I feel like the same thing happening to me(just not as strong) like when my friend Courtney got her feelings hurt by some boy(to the point where she was crying) I felt like I was getting dragged down within myself and feeling sad like you normally would when your feelings are hurt and feeling what she was feeling with her. So what is it?

    • Hey Kyle,
      That is what i call emotional sensitivity which is a common psychic ability where one absorbs some of the energy of others around them, feeling a similar sensation to there own experience.

    • I know exactly how you feel. I am an empath seer mix. Which is a pain. I am only 12 but surprisingly I know a lot. Being a seer empath mix is extremely difficult because I literally can die from them. The guilt if you know someone is gunna be murdered is overwhelming. Bye byes!

  19. I think I am losing my mind. I have had experiences where my grandmother comes to me in dreams and tells me thing we were very close and i believe thats her talking to me. Recently I had a tragity where I lost a very important child in my life. My faith runs deep and i saw him since there i have seem thing that no one else cam see. Im getting messages from people to pass on to absolute strangers. Tonight I drove by a cemetary and there were people there roaming everywhere. I am very scared and I dont know how to handle this,. Im trying to makle since of it but i cant started keeping a journal of thngs but tonight something compelled me to write all these names that popped in my head and i was just writing anout Michael the arch angel and it wass compelling i felt like It was not my free will. i dont know what to do I am very scared.

  20. i can influence emotions, sometimes whether i want to or not… also i see the future both when im awake and when im sleep. usualy it’s about death, which i have learned to cope with, but im worried about haveing a bad one while im awake or doing somthing important. what do i do?

    • Hey Sydney,
      Sounds like you need some guidance, a good idea would be to visit a good professional psychic and see what they say. They can do a reading and help read into your dreams as well.. On another note try not to fear as then that can take over. Instead record your experiences and think them over later so as better to help you with your premonitions.

  21. Can you help me…sometimes I hear a cold laugh, and I can charge dead batteries while holding them. I see shadows sometimes,and in my dreams I can feel everything that happens. What does this mean?

  22. Hi!

    I am someone who seems to take on someone else emotion, a few times I have felt like I have some how traded places with them for few seconds. It seems so real to me that if I am experiencing an overwhelming feeling of sadness from some one who’s just lost a loved one who died in their arms I will, for a few brief seconds find myself grieving for their deceased loved on. A very similar incident happened after a friend of mine had her first baby in the hospital. There was an overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness that came over me that I briefly got lost in the moment and somehow, what felt like me physically holding her baby. I had to step out of the room for few minutes and regroup.

    I have very recently found out that I can’t handle being around depressed people. I just can’t do it! I had to leave home when my brother in law moved in, he had issues with depression. I felt sorry for him but I couldn’t be around him. The same goes for people who are suffering from a physical illness as well. I just can’t be around them!

    I have seen and heard spirits, but, these experiences where mostly spontaneous. I don’t think I posses anything awesome but more so a hassle in my day-to-day life than a gift. If I knew how to control it or gain some positivity from it then maybe I could enjoy it a bit more.

    P.S – It’s not always the negativity I experience but I do get a kick out of being around harmonious events and people!

    • Hey Nora,
      You are very much like me in many ways, except you sound more sensitive to emotional energy. This is an interesting phenomena and I understand why you refrain from others. Many people in the same boat as you tend to live alone or just with there partner and tend to be less social. Do you find you can control it if you concentrate on something else?

      The positive of it Nora is that you can experience emotion higher so can more easily tap into higher levels of joy than others can. This helps in all aspects of meditation as well. Do you meditate?

  23. I’m David, i have the ability to see things from the future and to see ghosts, i am wondering how i can strengthen these powers to know when exactly everything i see will happen, sometimes i see things that i dont pay much attention too , but then later on in the day or the next day what i saw happens, but i never know that what i see will happen later on, i want to know how to be better prepared to know that what i see will happen … i also ghosts and this frightens me a bit.. sometimes i am scared to see when a family member will die, i dont know if i would tell them or keep it to myself..sort of saving them or letting them go kinda thing.. these things i have been seeing since i was about 4 , sometimes my other believes me and others she ignores it,,, help please?

    Also , when the Hatti earthquake hit i had a dream of there being and earthquake at my house, woke up and found out there had been an earthquake in Hatti. My mother didnt believe me. Please help.

  24. Hi David thank you for contacting me I have a bf who is in the exact situation. He has the ability to see into the future and also to see entities such as ghost, demons, and things of that nature. And this is what I usually tell him anytime your alone you come encounter with a ghost communication is the best way don’t fear them or they will fear you. As for the dreams that perfectly normal for psychics anytime you predict a earthquake or anything bad that will occur try to prevent them such as warning your family if they don’t believe then all there is left to do is pray. Now if you come across any other problems or bad situations please notify me and i’ll try to help you.

  25. Hi, I am so confused. I’m so interested in this psychic stuff because i feel connected. My mom told me when i was little i used to points at people and there would be no one there, I can pick up peoples energys and emotions. It is SUPER weird i can just SENSE something before it happens.. I have seen a couple things here & there.. but i want to know how i could re gain this?

  26. Um. I’ve read a few comments and think I have some of the same things. The tv thing for Christina up therem I have that too!!! I can be at school thinking of a great show that hasn’t come on and I really want to see it. I get home, and it’s RIGHT THERE!!! ON TV!! And also, I have feelings of the future. Not flashes. Like, I saw a couple one day at school. And I got a weird feeling that they would break next week. I let it pass thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. But the feeling hung around. Sure enough, the next Thursday, they were broken up! And it’s been going on since I was around 6 or 7. And now I’m 12. I noticed, the older I get, the stronger my feelings and more often predictions come true. I’m almost 13 and it’s become almost everytime I come up with something it happens. Do you think there’s something there? And if so, what should I do?

    • Hey Tanner,
      This is what i call psychic intuition, keep track on it and in time you can improve on that ability. Sometimes people lose this ability as they grow up so if you want it to stay them you must keep track of it, a good way is a journal of the experiences and outcomes..

  27. Sorry for a second comment. One other thing I forgot. Sometimes, if I look at someone or somehing long enough and hard enough, I can find myself feeling what they feel. Or seeing what they see. When I relize what’s going on, it creeps me out and I find myself back in my own mind. And I’ve fallen asleep and dreamt of things that happen like the next day. Or happen in a slightly different way. I don’t want to tell my family about any of my posts. I’m already the weird kid of the school because people have seen me doing or experiencing these things. I don’t need my family thinking the same. Can you help me?

    • Yes that one happens to me as well, it is called hypersensitivity, you are absorbing the energy or feelings of another. To keep control of it, you need to try to detach more from others. However it can lead to more psychic abilities if developed and controlled.

  28. UG! Thought of something else! Sometimes if I get mad at someone and think of just a small mean thing happening to them, like falling on the concrete outside, failing a test that day, or anything else, I’ll see them, think of it again, and at some point that day or the next, ot tends to happen. Like with the couple at school and the break up thing.

    • Oh be careful of that, because negative forms of magick ( psychic abilities ) comes back on the wielder whether they are aware of it or not.. Anger or negative thoughts only create negative outcomes when magick is involved. When you find patterns like this try to be careful what you project with your thoughts..

  29. You said some people lose abilities as they get older. Is that common. Mine seems to be opposite. They get stronger and come more often as I get older. Which, sometimes I find myself TRYING to make my brain use them. Of course, sometimes I find myself thinking I’m being stupid and there’s no such thing. So I’ll stop. Other times when I force myself to think of something, it comes out working.

    • Some people lose them, while some people like yourself they get stronger. It can be different in everyone. What i would recommend you do is record the experiences so you can learn from as best as possible.. It also allows you time to reflect on what is happening in you more. Good luck..

  30. Thanks again. Hope they get stronger. Other than recording and them getting stronger, you’ve given a lot of tips on how to gain better control of them. Is it possible for a psychic to gain complete control of all of their abilities?

    • Good question.. I feel it is almost impossible to have complete control, moreso close to near control, as psychic abilities change over time, so it is adapting to the changes that makes it difficult.. However by letting go and trusting the abilities it can give you more control.

  31. MY WORK HAS NOT START OR END -“I’ll work as long as I live, and
    all I know and say I haven’t learned from books, I know it since my

    Ljubica has been clairvoyant for as long as she remembers. She was born with a gift .
    I am unusual, and different from
    many others … eccentric, as one journalist described me. And how
    could I be the same as others, when I can see what others can’t.
    I did not ask for it, forces determined it themselves and to each and every one
    of us… including me. It is a very hard work.

    • It is true that every being has a sense of instinct and if it fails to recognize that’s good for him.
      But clairvoyance is something else entirely.
      Animals [elephants for example, you can see thousands of kilometers of what is happening, or what will happen ..] It is an instinct.
      A person with this ability can see predviti quite true,,, present, future … a person, country, company, work order, sales, production, and all other actions, to see the other person’s thoughts, her wishes.
      These are special abilities that have not yet been explored, which are only written, but inaccurate.

      • Sorry, a little confused with your response, instinct and psychic are two of basically the same. It totally depends on how you look at it. In science it will be referred to as instinct, that helps to exclude it from the normal while in basic terms it is really another form of psychic ability. To me both are almost the same.. Eg. If somehow i find something that i do not know about through instinct whether it be through anything it is either chance or psychic. If chance is at near zero then it basically the same thing.. So in other words instinct is the same really depending on the situation.

  32. hi im carl and im 15 years old .

    I’ve spending my time w/ my psychic abilities i think i have a PSYCHOMETRY I DIscover my abilities since i was 12 or 13 years old and my question is ,Is it true that this my ability is my sixth sense?

  33. Hello. My name is Allie. I’m 16 turning 17 in a couple of months. See, ever since I can remember I would see something in my head when I touch an object any object really. It’s like I can see what will happen to that object one day. It even works on people since I saw the death of my friend’s father and a couple of months later it actually happened. The thing is, I can’t remember exactly what I saw a few minutes after I see it though. But I remember exactly what happened when it does happen. I tried writting down what I see on paper but sometimes I don’t have time or I’m in a rush. When I see these things, they can happen in a second or a minute. And it doesn’t work completely like it should. I can touch things and not get anything but other times I will. Since the death of my friend’s father I been trying to gain more control over this power so I can help instead of it just being there. I really don’t think the whole writing it down thing is working either so what should I do about this?

    • Sometimes that happens to me. Like when I hugged my friend and found out that her brother passed away on the weekend. Most of the ti.e it is spontaneous though. Anyway, good luck!

  34. Im writing a story about a giel with physhic abilities and she starts to notice it when she is about 14. so i need some information about physhic and things. if i ask you some questions will you ansr them please??? who or what gives physic people thier “powers” if you can tell im not familiar with this. pleas help ! and also can you have physic abilities and it can cause pain to you physical body???

    • Hey Halle,
      Everyone has psychic abilities even animals or trees. It is just that some choose to ignore them whereas others choose to pay attention to them. It is the connection between all things that binds us. As an example how often do you think of a friend and then they will call you. Happens often yeah, not coincidence. Even sometimes we will dream of someone that we have not seen in many years and then a few days later we see them out of coincidence or..? That is a few examples. Animals use psychic communication as well, this can be anything from sensing danger before it happens. Elephants traveling to there family grave yard without even being there before. These are all connections to everything, the earth, the stars and more. All psychic powers are there, it is when we recognize them that we give them power.

  35. i dont know if what i am experiencing makes me psychic or not i just need to find out what is going on with me. ever since i was little i would hear voices whispering to me. i also get this strange sensation on my shoulders that i later realized only happened when someone was waching me or if someone was near. i dont know whats goin on with me and i need to find out because things are getting much more strange. i am currently 16 yrs old and i begin to see shadows and one day i heard something that sounded like it was charging at me cuz i could hear its footsteps and feel its presence. ive found out things about my families history and that they practiced and were involved with some serious paranormal stuff and ive wondered if maybe thats the cause i am experiencing this.

  36. heyy my name josh and im 14 i think im pshychic cause my uncles girl friend my aunt says that am one and i used to know some one that goes to my school that also said i was and i just want to know how i can go up a level with my abilitys or get more abilities if possible

    • Hey Josh,
      Sound like you are comparing it to a video game like dungeons and dragons. Do not worry i am only joking. To progress further you will need to meditate daily and keep focusing on your strengths. Another way of doing this is to record the experiences you have each time. Make a journal. Also place significant dreams in there as well as dreams are doors to levels of consciousness as well.

  37. I believe I have been in contact with dead family members – My great grandmother, my grandfather and my dad. The first two actually spoke to me. My dad – I feel his presence. He feels me with my hands on my face. The most potent contact was that of my grandfather. I was at a stop light. My light turned green and I heard him call out my name like only he would and he told me no – wait. At that moment I called out his name and there was a car which ran their red light. If I had gone, I would have been t-boned. I actually saw him and my grandmother dancing above me clear as if they were right in front of me. This is how he wanted to be remembered. Active and young dancing with my grandmother – although, my grandmother had not passed away yet.

    We have had a ghost in our house since we bought it. I was using the restroom, and I felt a burst of air, then a tile fell in the back of the wall. It was the only loose tile and it would have been impossible to just balance that one tile let alone have one that was so old to balance in place. The rest of the wall was solid, but that tile fell through. It was a really ugly purple color and my husband at the time and I discussed taking that down. I had the distinct feeling of the presence of a man who did not like that tile either and his wife wanted it. He had finally found people who shared his vision. My daughter painted her room purple. One day, she came running out of the room saying there is a ghost in the house. I told her he has been here since we bought the house. He does not like the purple on the wall. He did not like the purple tile either. He finally got quite after the kitchen was redone and so forth. He does not like the purple walls. Anyway, I think I see spirits and have ESP experiences. With my dad, the ESP experiences were very strong when he was living. Now, I just feel his presence. It is a little disturbing because, well – it is weird to be naked and have those.

  38. Hi i know i have precognition as well as many of the other traits i don’t really like using the term psychic as i know it’s just a sixth sense i have been like this since birth and it felt more of a curse than a gift but recently after precognition dreams i have started to suffer from hemiplegic migraines and ended up having a CT scan where the neurologist actually saw on the test that i had esp which wasn’t a good thing but i was wondering if hemiplegia is common and if there was a way to stop using the esp? Thanks.

  39. Another thing, things disappear and reappear. I searched my whole dresser top for a ponytail holder and did not see one. That is only one example of years of the same things happening. I went back and there was a ponytail holder clear as day on the corner of the dresser. Also, something banged on the shelf in my bathroom while I was in there a couple of days ago. Nothing could explain that one. Now, I think it has been. Thanks.

  40. Strange things happen to me often.when I was 7 I spoke to a ghost of my sister.lately a chair that is stiff and old began to move on it own.even as I write I feel the presence of something paying attention to what I’m writing. sometimes it is scary.it feels like an evil spirit.I believe one time it sat on my leg on the bed.machinery does sometimes go wild on me.it seems to rain when I cry.I get an overwhelming senee that it is my sole duty to bring peace to mankind.I feel crasy, but I know I’m not.I’m juwt an average person…a sinner.how could I help.God says its my destiny.and the rurther I run the worse it gets…the closer the evil spirit gets to killing me.he tried to make me strangle my bf with a belt 2 wks ago.I am powerless, this was not my intention watsoever.how do I channel my energy?

  41. I think I have that ability too.I am able to see spirits in my sub Consensuses and see alot of color orbs when I am full awake. I also have lucid dreams and I am a sensitive person when I discern feelings.

  42. You have got to learn to block them. And learn to not be afraid and they have no power over you. Takes a little while though. But try it. It worked for me and it should work for you, too.
    Bye, byes!

  43. hi my name is Carl I’m 14 now..
    i have been experiencing weird things like seeing black and white shadows,i can also predict,sometimes i also have lucid dreams which i can know if it is a dream or not , and sometimes my dreams came true but the most weirdest thing is that i think my mind is over controlling me,please help me what to do…

  44. Hi carl the trick is to try an stay in a relaxed frame of mind no matter what you see and hear as i had the same problem and didn’t even know what it was at first it just feels like a curse seeing bad things happen but if you keep a relaxed mind the visions don’t seem to last as long i tried meditating but for me it was a waste of time it never did anything but might work for you.

  45. my husband has realised after loads of activity in our house last year when our daughter was born that he has the ability to access the spirit world – he has been attending classes for months now and enjoys every minute – the developement group he has joined has made him realise a lot of things happening over the years from a small age, me on the other hand was experiencing a lot more activity and made me so scared, apparently to show fear makes spirit worse. We had meduims in our house to clear spirits, yet now I still have signs etc before he does – do I encourage this as he does by going to groups, part of me is me scared – why go looking for spirits when I couldn’t cope in our own house, yet he says I have the sense, very confused, would really appreciate positive comments thanks

  46. Since I was a young girl I have seen spirit. It seems as I get older the more my scences come to life, I see feel hear and can touch spirit, I have also predicted things all my life, events that have gone on in the world etc, Moved objects with my mind also! I have never told anyone cos I always thought I sounded like a freak. I can speak latin in my dreams to spirit, have out of body experiances too.I just with I had other phsycic’s to share this with! There is so many fakes around these days :/

  47. hello my name is kody, from the beginning im been able to comune with the dead, walk though the outer planes of time, full body projects and even change the temp of the room im in, i get depressed it rains, i deal with voices in my head that tell me thing other people are trying to hide from the world, i keep moving thing at work when i get up set, it seems to me that my emotions are tied to my abilities and when i get angry thing happen to the people that are around me,

  48. hey I’m 10years old and sometimes during the day i fell like someones about to touch me and during the night someones watching me i hear thing when I’m sleep lie someones screaming and my ear and wen i wake up i fill like a ball of paper just hit me in my face and i see bruises on my legs

  49. I’m now ten years old and i fell strange when I’m alone like something getting ready to touch me like somebody’s watching me .i talked to my mom about this and she thinks I’m just freaking out but i don’t think so cause i often hear screaming in my ear and sometimes in the middle of the night i cannot move like somebody’s sitting on me i try to scream but nothing comes out nobody hears me i can’t even hear me when i try to scream i thinks its a ghost me and the (ghost) have got in fights many of times .but the only things i get is bruises on my legs or a scar on my face sometimes i fell as if I’m the ghost i wake up with like snakes going around my legs than happened to me at the age of 7 .and sometimes when i take pictures another person comes on the crees in black brown and white…. a older person though . not i 10 any my moms felt as if somebody was scratching her back and she realized it wasn’t her thats why when its early release days i like to stay outside cause inside i feel like theres a spirit watching me and i have dreams that my mom is a ghost i don’t know if its a dream or not though it dosent feel like it though. i fell this in many places i feel like I’m the center attention when no ones around like there 50 ghost staring at me and laughing of my fierce

  50. Hi
    Well just reading the stories made me feel a bit better
    Knowing psychic abilities pass down from family is possible
    I need help on my case,my grandfathers stepfather was a healer
    That use hypnosis and use to hypnotize my grandfather to communicate with spirits and know events in past and future,I know from my mother that my grandfather would always know when thinks happend why and how he just had that seance of knowing, I always had a connection with my grandfather in a way I was his favorite and ding know why! A few years back I discover this talking to my cousin and she claim to have the same visions and abilities also my eldes niece has the same abilities as I do but Ilost my way.When I was young I always had visions and dejavu scenarios I talk to “imaginary friends” now I know it was my spirit guide but now I can’t have that same connection with it what should I do?

  51. Hey.
    Im 18 and some really weird things are happening to me.
    I always dream about something every other night, it might be something trivial, like a fight with my friend or boyfriend, which happens the next day, or grave stuff like my uncles death.
    The day before his death, I watched him die in my dream.
    I also have this feeling of deja vu over and again where I can relate an incident to something vaguely familiar, but which seems so distant that I can barely recall.
    I can often hear distant murmurings and weird stuff which my friends can’t hear.
    Am I, to any extent, psychic?

    Please help.

    • omg, debby! thats exactly what happends to me, but yes u are psychic because i have recently discovered that when that happends, it means u are psychic so just try to control it!

  52. Hello,

    Has anyone ever spoken to a ghost from the future? How can this be possible?

    If the ghost is from the future, the ghosts death can possibly be prevented.

    Nothing seems impossible.

    • Interesting question, time is not in a straight line so it is possible however it would more be like there astral body while they are alive. This throws another question into the equation, when we astral project if people see us in the physical do we appear like ghosts..?

  53. ive recently discovered im psychic! but whenever i tell my parents, they wont beleive me! im 10 years old and need help with my psychic abilities! please help!

  54. What does it mean to be able to see things through someone elses eyes?it feels like im taking over that persons body for a second just long enough to see what they are doing at that time what is that called?

  55. Hi Mr. Weller I was wondering can you have a natural ability to be sensitive towards paranormal activity or spirits such as ghosts?

  56. Okay today im 12 and I have never had any psycic abilities until today. I also never really believed in psycics. Today I woke up and I started to hear voices and I saw people. I thought I had to go to the hospital because I thought I was crazy. My mom told me maybe I was psycic

  57. Hi,
    I met a medium and she said we didnt meet by accident. She said i am a medium/sensitive and i was in a past life. (she means both) i am starting to be able to read people and correctly to ( communicate with passed loved ones.) i see energy waves in the air and i get a weird rush of energy down my spine and i get goosebumps. I am gonna be prescribed a sort of zanex and was wondering if this can lower my ability? i think I heard that somewhere and was curios. :/ also, can you just plain loose your ability out of nowhere. I feel special since i can and love it but i dont want it to go away. 🙁 plz reply!!

  58. I guess you could say that I’ve been experiencing psychic abilities. I do believe that I was born with them, but they didn’t really start happening until this experience that I had when I was 6. (I’m 15 now). What happened was that I just woke up and I felt someone sit on my bed and I thought it was my dad, but I realized that it wasn’t him when the thing started to lay on top of me. It then felt like it put its hands in my chest and the middle of my back and then it felt like an electric shock went through them. And then as I was about to call out for help after finding my voice, it disappeared. I didn’t see it because I had my eyes squeezed shut. And then when it left, I felt a little bit more like who I was suppose to be. And thas when a bunch of weird stuff started happening to me. Like my vision would literally zoom in on a section of the wall and I would see all of these little tiny dots and some really small bugs. I could usually get my vision to come back out, but it would sometimes just zoom in on a different part of the wall. And that actually probably saved me and my friend from getting raped. We’re in cross country, and we were running like we normally do, and then we see these guys on bikes and they start chasing us, so we ran into these trails. And we came to a cross path where we could chose between four paths. And she wanted to go down this one path, and then my vision zoomed in, and I saw the guys’ bikes on the edge of that trail and two of them were coming down the trail my friend wanted to go on and one was coming down the trail that we just came off. So, I stopped her and lead us out of the trails. And I’ve never been on those trails before. And it looped us around and I saw the bikes exactly how I saw them when my vision zoomed in.

    Also, some of my dreams have come true, and I keep on seeing this haunted road in one.

    And I got I guess what you would call a vision. It was a day before that horrible Arura Colorado shooting. And I had a vision that I was sitting in the movie theater and this guy came in and he had a gun and started shooting some people. And then later, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the movies, and I said no because of that. I don’t even live near Colorado.

    I also keep on hearing someone whisper my name. It would happen in class sometimes and sometimes in my house and outside my house. I can also tell what someone is feeling and I get Deja-vu a lot too. And some places in my house makes me feel uneasy.

    I swear to you that I am not making this stuff up. There is actually more stuff that has happened to me, but I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

    • Get yourself to a Catholic Priest immediately.
      Tell him all that is going on. Ask Jesus into your life and pray to God that you will be released from bondage. This same kind of stuff happened to me, and through prayer and Gods mercy I know longer have these troubles. At first I thought I was special or something, but really it is all a lie of the evil one. God peace, and I will pray for your spiritual freedom.
      Love in Jesus Christ, Theresa

      • I’m struggling. I’m trying to embrace it. But I’ve got no idea just “it” is yet. I feel people. They’re is a pyshic that I’ve recently moved cLose to. Not intionally. My grandparents live close . I’ve been watching her place sense I was a little girl. Before I could read to even know what place I was so drawn to. And sense I’ve moved back in the area it seems my intuition is only getting stronger. So I’ve got a couple tarot decks. The Golden Dawn deck is the one I found something extremely intriguing. I’ve got a single peacock feather tatted on my left side. The queen of cups is the card I’m referring to. My exact tattoo is hanging on the wall next her on her thrown. The ibis beside her. The way this feather is drawn is exactly like mine. So I looked up the meaning and it was the most perfect way to describe my whole being. Coincidence people would say. I believe otherwise. I instantly thought about going to the psychic that I live near. Long story short. We had a moment. Me and her. She can feel that I’m coming. I can feel her feeling that. She knows I’m comin to see her. I know what I felt was real. So then I BING ARE WE BORN WITH POWERS. And I brought to a site that actually makes me comfy Enuf to write this. I never blog. Reply to forums. This is the 1st. And then to top it off. We share the same last name. That’s also another first. It’s not often AT ALL to run into a Weller. One that’s not family.

        • Thanks for sharing Micah, and yeah Yeah another Weller, nice to meet you as well.. much appreciate you sharing your story.. Often at times this is called being sensitive, not sensitive in emotions per say, more so sensitive to what others are feeling before you even know. Like intuition..

          Have a nice rest of the day..

  59. My mother, sister and step-brother all have abilities. I do not. I don’t dream, I see the future in probability and I have to search for hours to find things. I am also somewhat emotially dead and the last ghost I saw was on Medium. Why don’t I have any?

  60. Ok i see that we all have abilitys but the thing is i have dajvoo and i would like to remember thing and i always remember it when i see one little part is there any advise of how to control it to remember or anything i can do to help my self and i sleep talk to how do i control what is said and remember i just want to be able to cope with it and control it please help me out with some advice

    • Hey April,
      This question has been brought up a number of times, i will do a big post on it in the next few days, so bookmark or subscribe to this blog for the answer in the next few days.

  61. I get dejvoo once in a while.its usualy a dream then it just becomes true.I have a dream every few days and I’ve been recording them for a little while now.I am seeing a pattern in my dreams.first one that is impossible,then one that could happen,then one that does happen.I’m glad that the pattern continues because I know what to warn people about and watch out for.I sometimes just have these weird uneasy feelings so I stay home from school and the three times I’ve gotten these something bad happens and I avoided them so I’m really glad I didn’t go to school.the first time was in 8th grade,I was shocked and cried a bit when I heard someone crashed into my dad’s van(I wouldn’t wanna be in a car crash).second time I stayed home a dear friend of mine was in a fire.if I had gone to school that day I wouldn’t have made it I would have cried during all my classes like I did at home when I found out.the 3rd time was on the morning of the shooting in Colorado I felt I shouldn’t go so I didn’t.later that morning my mom showed me on the news about the shooting and cried for all the innocent lives that were lost.may they rest in peace. Also one day not too long ago I had like a vision or something it was pretty faint but it looked like money.I thought I was daydreaming randomly but I told my family to be on the lookout for money that day.turns out that the vision or something,was my money that my mom had gotten.o I just remembered a dream I had years ago.it was about a flood but it’s probably not that important.it could be a vision that I had today but I’m not sure yet.I saw something red but I couldn’t make out the shape so ill be on the lookout for something like that

    • Hey Rona,
      Good question, if you are having trouble finding a good psychic for guidance then you can also turn to a meditation guide, they can help a lot and meditation can help a lot as well..

  62. i thought i was alone in this all this time. when i was 8 yrs old i could sense if a pregnant women’s baby is gonna be a boy or a girl and even know the name but most of the time i keep it to my self.

    Now i have vissions, and randomly know about the future.i have also atimes hearing someone whisper my name so as what some feel I can also tell what someone feel and Deja-vu a lot too.

    the wired thing is i feel scared to tell my friends. i think that more or less iam experiencing the same more thing as Meg.

  63. Hi,I always experiencing weird things in my life but i always ignoring it. I always dream then it happens in real life, when i am about to enter a friend’s house i already knew if there is dead people or unpeaceful soul around… I always dream that there’s so many people wearing black robe looking for me because they’re telling me that i need to die… And I dream that there’s a man, that i really dont know actually but I have a feeling that I already know him and he’s always telling me about what things going to be happen around the world, the floods, the war, so forth…then he told to me that I am Azrael.

  64. I think I was born with abilities. The main abilities I have noticed are seeing entities, seeing the future (only what happens the next day), water heats a lot faster when i am around, if i get burned it heals by the next day. One day recently, i didnt think that a pan on a small burner was hot, so i grabbed it. it had burned my hand really bad, i should have had a scare but the next morning my hand had no blisters and didnt hurt at all. i even but my hand under hot water, to see if my hand would hurt but it didnt. when i touch a faucet and think hot the water turns hot. the water at my house is always cold for 2 minutes and then it starts to heat. i have seen the future since i can remember, which is when i was at the age of 2yrs. on my grandmothers side of the family they get feelings and see the future in dreams. on my grandfather side they could see spirits and entities. i keep most of this a secret, because most of my family would through me in the looney bin. last year my cousin recked his dodge caliber, but the night before he had dreamt of him on the side of the highway and the caliber totalled in a ditch. i remeber that day because it was the same day they found out his wife was pregnant. please tell me what am i???

    • Hey Lost,
      Interesting case, seeing into the future is psychic insight and healing really quickly probably indicates you are a natural healer as well.. Have you tried doing healing meditation or similar. What i recommend you do is get start reading on healing meditation and its powers, you may find similar connections to you. Also do you find these premonition happen around sleeping or just anytime..?

  65. Whe I was a child I used to have the deja vu at least 20 times a day, my parents thought I was I’ll but doctors could find nothing wrong. When it happened I would go in to a deep trance and see things often I would see things that were happening in the next 10/15 mins sometimes future events which have since happened. I used to get sick and dizzy and sometimes pass out. As I got older this happened less and less now it only happens once in a blue moon. About a month ago somthing changed in me, I’ve been having horrible vivid dreams about aliens and the the world ending and it’s like I now know that each and every one of us has the power to be phychic who just be whatever we want to be as long as our hearts our full of love and happiness. I have been doing meditation and other things but something’s not right I really need some help but everywhere I’ve looked wants money??? Nice

    • Hey Maria,
      Sounds like you are hypersensitive, it is where you feel a lot more than most other people. Do you find you pick up on other peoples feelings when they are around and you sort of know aspects based on feelings more so than others? If so you maybe hypersensitive like i said.. And it does exasperate many elements. Can be bothersome also when around lots of other people. If this is the case you should look up the subject, it is a big topic and it does have psychic attributes as well.

      It can also make one feel sick or multiple different things. And doctors do not have a clue about this condition either.

      Here is a book on subject as an example to check out.

  66. Hi I am 13 years old, and at I night I always see in to the future in my dreams. At first I won’t remember it but when the event happens I remmber. And I have I feeling when bad things happen and it does, I don’t know know to explain the feeling, when something bad happens. I also see this white hooded cloak ed ghost, at first it was scary that I almost screamed, but then I started geting used to it. But when I got used to it, at first I thought the ghost wanted to talk to me but I couldn’t bring myself up to it, I told my sister but she dident believe me. When I am around other people I could sense how angrey they were which made me angrey to. Even if I tell my friends and my mum and dad they will think I’m using my. Imagernation when I’m not. I also know the word of song, even if its new and I nether heard it before I will still know the words. Thank you for this website it really helped me.

  67. Hi I’m 13 years old. At night in my sleep I see in to the future,at first I thought they were only dreams but they kept coming true, I also see out side this white hooded ghost, when I saw it at first I neary screamed, but then I thought does it want to talk to me or does it relise I can see it. When I’m around people I can sense their anger which makes me angrey. I told my sister she said I was crazy so I dident told my friends or my mum and dad. Can you tell me what I am? From katie13

  68. Hi I’m 13, every night I always see in to the future in my dreams, I won’t always remember the dream but when the event happens I remember. I can also feel when a bad thing happens, I don’t know how to explain how the feeling feels. I can see this white hooded ghost at first I was so Shocked and frightened but now I’m used to it. I don’t think it notices me seeing it. I sometimes hear voices not always. I don’t know what else I can do? I’m still finding out. Timon could you exsplain to me what I am and what tipe of gifts I have? Please I’m quiet shoocked and I need to learn more. By katie, ps I told my sister and she thought I was crazy so I dident tell anyone else.

    • Hey Katie,
      Just read through your comments, you sound like you are sensitive or in other words Psychic to emotions. I am very similar, i sense when people are upset or sad or angry etc. Everyone has these senses however many just ignore them. As with the ghost you are seeing that is what is concerning me, I would recommend getting checked by a doctor first just to be safe. Meaning get a head scan just to be sure there is no other issues. That way you know it is nothing else.

      If it is a ghost hanging around you most likely need to do a cleanse. To find out about doing cleanses click here.

      Also, I would highly recommend telling your parents as well. If it is just paranormal in the end then come back and I will recommend some books for you to read to understand your sensitive side better. Sensitivity or psychic abilities can be trained or controlled as well.


  69. But my parents believe in god but I don’t. They will think I’m crazy. I’m starting to find out more about my self. I feel other peoples emotions but mostly pain and sadness. I can see in to the future to and move things with mind. I don’t see this ghost any more. I think I know why I was seeing this ghost, I was so scared of what I was exsperienting that my mind was making me seeing things. Smorning when I woke up my foot was sore for no reasons. Every sunday I go to church with my mum and dad. But I don’t believe in god so they will think I’m crazy but your right I should tell them. My sister can see sparks and my mum knows when something is going to happen before it happens, I think she has viseons like in the day time. They don’t realise. I see in to the future in my dreams. I don’t like being a crowd. I like being in the woods, the woods feel more homy to me.

    • The not liking being in a crowd could be social anxiety which is a common condition and emotional response to crowded places. Many people get it, look up “social anxiety” in Google and see if you relate to that Katie.

  70. Hi. I don’t see this ghost anymore, I think I know why I don’t. I was so scared of what was happening that mind was making me seeing things but now I’m not afraid. Your right I should tell my parents that I can see in to the future and I can feel other peoples emotions, I can also sometimes move things with my mind, when I’m angry the tempurture gets hotter. I like being alone in the woods cause I feel like I can breath better and I feel like that is where I belong. My best friend is a telephay. I know your right about telling my parents but they believe in god and they will think I’m crazy. I don’t see ghosts but I feel they are near me. I once was holding a candle and it was flicking, then I stared at it and it a came larger and taller but when I dropped my gaze it a be came small and thine. Is that natural?

    • Thanks for sharing again Katie, yeah, your fear may of made you more receptive.

      With the Candle it is hard to say as our breath can effect the flame depending on the amount of gas in our mouth when we exhale. You may want to video it to see in detail.

  71. Hi. I don’t see this ghost any more, I think it is because I am relaxing and things but before I was scared of what was happening. I still feel peoples emotions and I still see in to the future. Once I was staring at the candle then the flame went larger and taller but when I stopped looking at it, it be came small and thine. Is that natural? Your right I should tell my parents but they believe in god and I don’t. My best friend is a telephay. I think my mum gets visions in her head before anything happens. And she warns us not to do some things. I think she ignores it. My sister said the other day that she saw sparks when she touched something. When I’m angey the temputure gets hotter. I’m not afraid any more. I hate being in crowds, I like being alone. What am I?

    • The wanting to be alone could be a form of social anxiety, some people as well have this desire to be more alone than others. This could also be your personality as we are all different in our own ways.

      To me as I mentioned earlier it sounds like psychic sensitivity’s. When at a book store next you should ask for a book on the subject. It is a big topic that one. People that have this condition are more sensitive than most, can hear there own heartbeat or hear birds chirping where others will not notice. This is just some examples, some people feel there own pulse. The sensitivity can be good, but it can also be a hassle too sometimes, however as well we all have to except who we are as well and be grateful for being on this amazing planet.

      By this i mean, do not worry too much, enjoy life as much as possible, enjoy being you. If you know what i mean. Try not to classify yourself too much, you are Katie.

      Also share your experience with your Family or you sister. Talking about it is always a good thing. I know how hard it can be when you feel others may not understand fully. Talking to one of your good friends could be a good option as well.

      By the way, Happy New Year. 😉

  72. I keep seeing flashes of black and white but the last time I saw a ghost I was 6. ( I am 11 know and will soon be twelve ) Know its like crazy… My friend can sense auras and feelings, my other friend was born a medium… We are to far in to back out.. There is this little ghost girl she first came to me and she keeps going to each of us… My other friend had a flash of eather the future or past… I showed the girl she was screaming for someone/something to stop… It was in the cafaterea… she keep pulling our arms when we are at school like she is trying to get us away from something… We saw a different girl to but just once, she was helping me, pulling me away from a dark presence and the other one helped the others… To day two different spots in my bible were marked, I don’t know what it means, when I touched the bible it shocked me, I read it every day… They know there powers, with me its like my powers are faint and they keep changing… I know we are young but this is all true our parents all except for one think we are crazy… what should we do?

  73. What if u feel everything and believe a lot of crazy shit about once place involved in many ways. Energy, electrical and wave effectin, seperation of minds and choices of feelings of my minds and others direction toward views or am I gonna finally meet my mind? I was not material at all. I have a five yr old, an abortion, then got pregnant even before I would of been due. And was mentally trying to figure out in my mind what I thought ultrasound would say and couldn’t go either way boy or girl. I was pregnant with non-fertirner twins. Boy n girl. I have had a rough last 6yrs and just now getting out. Obviously as u read it probably got a few directions thoughts, an a lil. Uneasy. I also without knowing somehow at times are completely” left out or controlled or eventually it happens” and I like see two of me and I see possible…….

  74. I know deep down God has a plan for me. I believe he has a plan for all of us but I am the only person I know who can predict weird stuff. I always look at the clock at 9:11. I do mean like 85 percent of the time. I do things like say a person’s name and then I see them a few hours or so later. Like people who I don’t normally see. I’ll find them in the grocery store or get a text of fb msg from them. I also can predict weird things like a few years ago I told my dad about this ability right before the start of a football game. He said okay, how are the first points in the game going to be scored and I fully confidentially said they are going to return the opening kickoff for a td. I also will do odd things like predict what song is going to come on the radio. Some time multiple songs in a row. I have a very odd thought process and see the world in a very odd way. I feel I’m the only one who KNOWS what is going to happen to the world in the coming years. I would never put myself in the same category as nastradamus but kind of similar. I can literally pick out what people are thinking and how their brain operates when put in a certain scenario or asked a certain question. I am no longer suprised when I am right with my odd predictions. I have no idea who to talk to about this kind of stuff. My wife and parents are supportive but I can tell they still think I’m crazy. I have a DEEP DEEP feeling that God put me here for a certain reason. Please someone help me find that reason.

  75. I was born with the gift of being able to sense and see dark shadows, also to dream about an event and have it happen not even a week later .I have lived with this my whole life, and i honestly think and know for sure that it is scary as hell and no one not even the people who think and say they want this gift want it.No one but my mother knows i have this gift for the reason being that two months ago i decided to tell her that i have a different sensation about the so called spirit world. I can sense evil, which is scary enough to say. I am a thirteen year old female, And knowing that demons, and spirits are real at this age is terrifying, most people determine a normal life, But nothing in this world in realistic terms is normal. Its scattered and wound up , you knock at deaths door everytime EVERYTIME you wake up in the morning, you pray to a God you think is there but are not for sure.You go to church only to feel joy but in the back of your head you know you go back to that place you call home and face the terrifying feeling and dread of being alive at this point. Its the worst feeling in the world to sense evil. You feel so close to death and you are. Knowing my mother has this gift scares me . I didnt choose this. But who does. You dont have to touch a ouja board to be in contact with the dead, its already around you. you may not feel it but oh my darlings, its there. And it is absolutely scary.

  76. Okay, so ever since I was little (I’m 12 now) I was able to talk to and communicate with animals. I used to have fun talking to them and I knew how they were feeling because I could talk to them with pictures, words, feelings/emotions, and just with my mind. I used to tell everyone that I could talk to animals, and this would just embarrass my mom. To this day I’m still able to communicate with animals, but I can also do other things as well. I can also:

    •Read people’s emotions and thoughts as well as putting myself in their shoes and know how they are feeling and what they are thinking.
    •Have a gut feeling that is almost always right
    •See shadows out of the corner of my eye and turn to see nothing there
    •Sense a presence in a room or place (I can also get a gut feeling)
    •Have déjà vu and be really confused because I have the feeling that something I experienced happened before
    •Sense colors around people when they talk as if the color represents a feeling
    •Think, see, hear, or smell something that connects to another thing in the future or means something (I can also do this with thoughts, like something random will pop up in my head and mean something).
    •I can sometimes (but very rarely) get into people’s heads and make them think or do something that I want
    •My instincts tell me what is right or wrong
    •Sometimes I hear voices in my head that isn’t my voice or it tells me to do something, help someone, calm me down, etc.

    *I have not yet made contact with a spirit but I’m sure I will at some point in the future.

    I know God has most likely gave me this gift for a reason, but I am not really quite sure why he chose me to have this gift. Hopefully I can learn to control it even better in the future.

    • alexandra, i myself have this same problem. I am 16 and i am able to sense the same thing you are. i somehow see the dead on occasions. my visions always happen and are always correct to the very last detail. i can get people to do things for me, i hear voices,i know if someones lying, i always fin d misplaced items, i can control peoples emotions(rarely) , speak to animals, see dark forces, etc. it has gotten much stronger over the years. it started when i was 5, and has been occuring more rapidly. im basically like the oracle from ancient greece. unfortunately as of now i can only see my future. i have seen myself however having to be able to see other people within the next 5 years. and unfortunately, i still have no way to control it. ive read all the books but it doesnt really hep. i can trigger it and shut it off at will, but it still happens randomly. its actually a lot worse now. i have a vision every single day.and it always comes true within the month. i fear it will only get worse. for me and you. if you ever figure it out, i hope you will message me at my email address. and if by some chance you have already figured it out. please message me immiedietly.I cant stress how important it is for me to control this. just yesterday i visioned my weading, i didnt want to see that yet, i wanted to be there for the actual night and wanted it to be a surprise.

    • I don’t like my abilities I hate it I feel when a ghost or demon is near me I see it I hear it I smell it somtimes I’ll see the face I’ll have good spirits I have 2 ghost following me I see then I hate seeing thease I feel how it feels I also feel animals feelings I stare into there eyes and they let me in and I bond its crazy but a cat followed me for a while until I got to school and a rabbit raccoon I sent a message to it saying it’s not best to fight me right now and then it left I first relized I had this ability wheny mom told me as a baby I talked to someone and I onenwas there and I’m now chatting with ghost and these stories r sad murder is the main and fire

  77. hello i have a question i dont know what was that i receive short psychic visions of the future events when in deep situations. Attempting to make these visions come true but always result in trouble or opposite of that can u plz help me…

  78. i am 16. i was born with psychic abilities. i can do a number of things and It has gotten to a point where it is always 100% accurate, always happens, and happens multiple times a day. it is weird, considering that i am not a religious person, but i do know i am psychic.
    1. I see ghosts and dark spectacles
    2. I have accelerated healing powers
    3. i once used telepathy
    4. i have visions of the future that are 100% accurate and always accure !00% of the time.
    5, I read someones mind once
    6. i can sometimes control people
    7. i can always find lost or misplaced items
    8i can see in the dark by sensing the energy of everything round me. I do however prefer to have a light, but i dont need one.
    9.I speak to animals, and they speak back
    10. i have deja vu moments every day.
    11. i hear voices
    12. i always know if someones lying to me.
    13. i can tell if someone shouldnt be trusted
    14.i can tell if someone did something or not.
    15. i can sometimes get people to do things for me
    16.i can sometimes control my emotions
    17. I can sense people nearby.
    18. I can sometimes make things happen if i really want them to.example: i used to live with my grandma. she had full custody of me and my brothers. i really wanted to live with my mom though, cause she didnt deserve to have us taken away. somehow a court case happened and my mom won the right to have us.
    20. my older brother sees visions of the future as well. he cant do all the other stuff that i can do though, he can only see images of the future.
    21. i am constantly in a strong state of mind.
    22. i am a genius, yet i dim my mind down to a c because i fear i might only be that smart due to my psychic abilities.
    23. i have tell if something is wrong.
    24. i can tell if something bad is going to happen.
    25. i can tell if someone wants to harm me.
    26. i can tell if someone has bad intentions
    27. I can talk to people that have past away.
    28. i am almost never wrong about stuff.
    29. i believe in reincarnation, and sometimes when i touch people i see someone else when i look at them for a second, i believe that it is there first life.
    There are many other experiences that i have. i am only 16 yet i have more experiences than most pro psychics and i have extraordinarily strong abilities that have been occurring more and more. i cant see other peoples futures yet (my brother can though so i guess ill probably get that later) and i haven’t learned to fully control my powers yet. i figure once i figure that out my powers will get even more heightened and i will be able to stop them at will. that way i wont feel like i have to dumb myself down on tests. i was just wondering if anybody might be able to help me figure out how to control it so i can finally know how smart i really am.

  79. Hi my name is Brenna and i can remember being 5 or 6 when i would hear and see thing i would get. Very scared and i was scared to tell anyone what i was hearing and seeing , i think i felt that way because i was a shy child and i thought people would make fun of me or think i was lying about what I was going through so i Finely i told my mom who believed me and never doubted me ever and my mothers sister my aunt also believed me but we never told anyone else about what was going on with me , but as i got older i didnt want anyone to know my secret because i felt people would not understand and think i was crazy and make fun of me so it was kept a secret, i pushed this secret so down inside of me because i was shy and worried what family and friends would say and i forgot about it until i got pregnant with my daughter 11 years ago and i had this feeling that my little girl was going to be born special but every Dr’s visit ever test and ultrasound shown that everything was as it should be so i just pushed what i felt and my dreams and thoughts to the dont think about part of my brain just like i had been doing for my whole life i was just over thinking again i convince myself like i had been telling myself for the passed 19 years so the day Finley came to have my lil bundle of joy and when the obgyn pulled her out he said you have healthy lil girl i held my blessing she was a perfect Angel then 4 hours go bye
    And my daughter’s pediatrician comes in and tells me we believe your baby has Downs syndrome and my Obgyn comes in and yells at the pediatrician there is no way i have delivered thousands of the babys and that lil girl is not downs !!!! Sorry i got off track but what im trying to say is i knew when i was 4 months pregnant that my lil Angel was a gift. As much as i wanted to push what i had been feel down inside and believe my doctor that she didn’t have Downs syndrome i had known for 6 months that this was true my husband wanted to send away for the blood test to know for sure and we did but i didnt need to read a test i felt what was happening when i thought about it i had felt and had dreams about my daughter 3 years before i had got pregnant with my joy of my life !!! And for the next 6 years i pushed my feeling and if i had heard something or if i had a dream about stuff i would act like i couldn’t remember any of it sometime i would see thing out the corner of my eye and tell myself its the kids playing games trying to scare me. But 2 years ago the one true person that always believed me passed away my mother so i was truly lost so i went to a psychic and asked her to do a card reading for me I shuffle the deck of cards and pick my cards the psychic flipped the cards and looked at me and said wow this is very usual i dont see cards together like this that often its very hard to read you im afraid to say i can tell you that i know you was born with psychic ability but it was depressed because they showed you the way and you’ve lost a lot of the way but your chakras are all the stuff every something that is after you if you want to know more doing meditation but it’s very dangerous I didn’t know she was going and just wanted money or if I should believe and never went back so please if you can help me find out the truth something is not me I want to protect myself every mine child please if anyone has any advice let me know why live in Boston Mass

  80. I’ve seen spirits since I was in 5th grade and as I was growing up I started to grow the ability of hearing them and feeling them. I’ve heard one that sounded like my friend in middle school and in high school I heard two little girls asking if I could hear them followed by their cute little giggles then in college I heard one that sounded like my ex boyfriend and then one that sounded like my dad. I don’t know if I’m gifted or what?

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