Were you Born with Psychic Abilities?

Are some people born with psychic abilities.? The quickest answer is yes, however all of us have traits to some extent, we just do not see it.. In this post i wanted to focus on how to deal with these traits. To many being born with psychic abilities sounds fun, however in reality it can be quite frightening to those that are really having them and not sure what they are.

So let’s begin, like anyone being born with a gift, some people are gifted with music, some with singing and some with whatever you can throw out there .. The same goes with psychic traits.

Born Psychic..

Some people have the psychic trait thrown at them, they may see ghosts, they may be able to hear voices, they also may be able to predict the future or know where lost items are and many more.. These are just some to name.. However did they choose this ability, did they want to hear voices or see ghosts or what ever it is? Was it a choice or decision already made.

The truth is some have to open doors over time to the psychic world, while some already have them open.

The first thing one wants to do in this circumstance is try not to fear it, first off. This will not help, it will just make you more upset each experience you have. Secondly work out your main psychic trait. And thirdly and lastly see another psychic in that area of ability to help better understand your condition. You may be lost with what you have, however many others would have been where you are now and can help you with your condition.

Psychic Steps of Action – Overview

1. ) Do not fear, fear is not constructive and can even make you contact negative forces.

2. ) Work out your main Psychic Trait in question.

3. ) See another well known psychic with the same traits for better understanding of your condition for using or controlling..

Being Psychic is not like X-men or the Movies, it is more like an extra sense.. It is an experience inside that has changed many peoples lives across the world.

psychic yantra

Control the Experience and Know what you have..

The last one is so important for those trying to control the experience in particular for those that may think they are crazy when in reality they are not. In particular with seeing ghosts, so many people have in there minds seeing has to be a hallucination so they may see many doctors, get tests done to no avail..

This is not saying, to not see doctors to check if it is not some medical condition, this is just saying that once that is ruled (all medical cleared) out then that’s when you can evaluate the psychic option. And I can tell you, there are plenty of psychics out there, ranging from mediums to healers to future tellers etc.. All of them had to go through a transition of sorts to trust there own psychic abilities and to understand themselves.

Welcome to the Psychic World!

So in conclusion if you were born with a Psychic ability try not to see it like a weakness, instead try to see it like it is you. Your view on this amazing world. This is what makes you, you. Excepting and understanding can go a long way.

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  1. I guess you could say that I’ve been experiencing psychic abilities. I do believe that I was born with them, but they didn’t really start happening until this experience that I had when I was 6. (I’m 15 now). What happened was that I just woke up and I felt someone sit on my bed and I thought it was my dad, but I realized that it wasn’t him when the thing started to lay on top of me. It then felt like it put its hands in my chest and the middle of my back and then it felt like an electric shock went through them. And then as I was about to call out for help after finding my voice, it disappeared. I didn’t see it because I had my eyes squeezed shut. And then when it left, I felt a little bit more like who I was suppose to be. And thas when a bunch of weird stuff started happening to me. Like my vision would literally zoom in on a section of the wall and I would see all of these little tiny dots and some really small bugs. I could usually get my vision to come back out, but it would sometimes just zoom in on a different part of the wall. And that actually probably saved me and my friend from getting raped. We’re in cross country, and we were running like we normally do, and then we see these guys on bikes and they start chasing us, so we ran into these trails. And we came to a cross path where we could chose between four paths. And she wanted to go down this one path, and then my vision zoomed in, and I saw the guys’ bikes on the edge of that trail and two of them were coming down the trail my friend wanted to go on and one was coming down the trail that we just came off. So, I stopped her and lead us out of the trails. And I’ve never been on those trails before. And it looped us around and I saw the bikes exactly how I saw them when my vision zoomed in.

    Also, some of my dreams have come true, and I keep on seeing this haunted road in one.

    And I got I guess what you would call a vision. It was a day before that horrible Arura Colorado shooting. And I had a vision that I was sitting in the movie theater and this guy came in and he had a gun and started shooting some people. And then later, my mom asked me if I wanted to go to the movies, and I said no because of that. I don’t even live near Colorado.

    I also keep on hearing someone whisper my name. It would happen in class sometimes and sometimes in my house and outside my house. I can also tell what someone is feeling and I get Deja-vu a lot too. And some places in my house makes me feel uneasy.

    I swear to you that I am not making this stuff up. There is actually more stuff that has happened to me, but I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

    • Theresa Rezac says:

      Get yourself to a Catholic Priest immediately.
      Tell him all that is going on. Ask Jesus into your life and pray to God that you will be released from bondage. This same kind of stuff happened to me, and through prayer and Gods mercy I know longer have these troubles. At first I thought I was special or something, but really it is all a lie of the evil one. God peace, and I will pray for your spiritual freedom.
      Love in Jesus Christ, Theresa

      • Micah Weller says:

        I’m struggling. I’m trying to embrace it. But I’ve got no idea just “it” is yet. I feel people. They’re is a pyshic that I’ve recently moved cLose to. Not intionally. My grandparents live close . I’ve been watching her place sense I was a little girl. Before I could read to even know what place I was so drawn to. And sense I’ve moved back in the area it seems my intuition is only getting stronger. So I’ve got a couple tarot decks. The Golden Dawn deck is the one I found something extremely intriguing. I’ve got a single peacock feather tatted on my left side. The queen of cups is the card I’m referring to. My exact tattoo is hanging on the wall next her on her thrown. The ibis beside her. The way this feather is drawn is exactly like mine. So I looked up the meaning and it was the most perfect way to describe my whole being. Coincidence people would say. I believe otherwise. I instantly thought about going to the psychic that I live near. Long story short. We had a moment. Me and her. She can feel that I’m coming. I can feel her feeling that. She knows I’m comin to see her. I know what I felt was real. So then I BING ARE WE BORN WITH POWERS. And I brought to a site that actually makes me comfy Enuf to write this. I never blog. Reply to forums. This is the 1st. And then to top it off. We share the same last name. That’s also another first. It’s not often AT ALL to run into a Weller. One that’s not family.

        • Thanks for sharing Micah, and yeah Yeah another Weller, nice to meet you as well.. much appreciate you sharing your story.. Often at times this is called being sensitive, not sensitive in emotions per say, more so sensitive to what others are feeling before you even know. Like intuition..

          Have a nice rest of the day..

  2. Black Sheep says:

    My mother, sister and step-brother all have abilities. I do not. I don’t dream, I see the future in probability and I have to search for hours to find things. I am also somewhat emotially dead and the last ghost I saw was on Medium. Why don’t I have any?

  3. april marie says:

    Ok i see that we all have abilitys but the thing is i have dajvoo and i would like to remember thing and i always remember it when i see one little part is there any advise of how to control it to remember or anything i can do to help my self and i sleep talk to how do i control what is said and remember i just want to be able to cope with it and control it please help me out with some advice

    • Hey April,
      This question has been brought up a number of times, i will do a big post on it in the next few days, so bookmark or subscribe to this blog for the answer in the next few days.

  4. I get dejvoo once in a while.its usualy a dream then it just becomes true.I have a dream every few days and I’ve been recording them for a little while now.I am seeing a pattern in my dreams.first one that is impossible,then one that could happen,then one that does happen.I’m glad that the pattern continues because I know what to warn people about and watch out for.I sometimes just have these weird uneasy feelings so I stay home from school and the three times I’ve gotten these something bad happens and I avoided them so I’m really glad I didn’t go to school.the first time was in 8th grade,I was shocked and cried a bit when I heard someone crashed into my dad’s van(I wouldn’t wanna be in a car crash).second time I stayed home a dear friend of mine was in a fire.if I had gone to school that day I wouldn’t have made it I would have cried during all my classes like I did at home when I found out.the 3rd time was on the morning of the shooting in Colorado I felt I shouldn’t go so I didn’t.later that morning my mom showed me on the news about the shooting and cried for all the innocent lives that were lost.may they rest in peace. Also one day not too long ago I had like a vision or something it was pretty faint but it looked like money.I thought I was daydreaming randomly but I told my family to be on the lookout for money that day.turns out that the vision or something,was my money that my mom had gotten.o I just remembered a dream I had years ago.it was about a flood but it’s probably not that important.it could be a vision that I had today but I’m not sure yet.I saw something red but I couldn’t make out the shape so ill be on the lookout for something like that

  5. I like what you say and would like to ask.. how do you go about finding a well known psychic with the same traits?

    • Hey Rona,
      Good question, if you are having trouble finding a good psychic for guidance then you can also turn to a meditation guide, they can help a lot and meditation can help a lot as well..

  6. i thought i was alone in this all this time. when i was 8 yrs old i could sense if a pregnant women’s baby is gonna be a boy or a girl and even know the name but most of the time i keep it to my self.

    Now i have vissions, and randomly know about the future.i have also atimes hearing someone whisper my name so as what some feel I can also tell what someone feel and Deja-vu a lot too.

    the wired thing is i feel scared to tell my friends. i think that more or less iam experiencing the same more thing as Meg.

  7. Hi,I always experiencing weird things in my life but i always ignoring it. I always dream then it happens in real life, when i am about to enter a friend’s house i already knew if there is dead people or unpeaceful soul around… I always dream that there’s so many people wearing black robe looking for me because they’re telling me that i need to die… And I dream that there’s a man, that i really dont know actually but I have a feeling that I already know him and he’s always telling me about what things going to be happen around the world, the floods, the war, so forth…then he told to me that I am Azrael.

  8. I think I was born with abilities. The main abilities I have noticed are seeing entities, seeing the future (only what happens the next day), water heats a lot faster when i am around, if i get burned it heals by the next day. One day recently, i didnt think that a pan on a small burner was hot, so i grabbed it. it had burned my hand really bad, i should have had a scare but the next morning my hand had no blisters and didnt hurt at all. i even but my hand under hot water, to see if my hand would hurt but it didnt. when i touch a faucet and think hot the water turns hot. the water at my house is always cold for 2 minutes and then it starts to heat. i have seen the future since i can remember, which is when i was at the age of 2yrs. on my grandmothers side of the family they get feelings and see the future in dreams. on my grandfather side they could see spirits and entities. i keep most of this a secret, because most of my family would through me in the looney bin. last year my cousin recked his dodge caliber, but the night before he had dreamt of him on the side of the highway and the caliber totalled in a ditch. i remeber that day because it was the same day they found out his wife was pregnant. please tell me what am i???

    • Hey Lost,
      Interesting case, seeing into the future is psychic insight and healing really quickly probably indicates you are a natural healer as well.. Have you tried doing healing meditation or similar. What i recommend you do is get start reading on healing meditation and its powers, you may find similar connections to you. Also do you find these premonition happen around sleeping or just anytime..?

  9. Whe I was a child I used to have the deja vu at least 20 times a day, my parents thought I was I’ll but doctors could find nothing wrong. When it happened I would go in to a deep trance and see things often I would see things that were happening in the next 10/15 mins sometimes future events which have since happened. I used to get sick and dizzy and sometimes pass out. As I got older this happened less and less now it only happens once in a blue moon. About a month ago somthing changed in me, I’ve been having horrible vivid dreams about aliens and the the world ending and it’s like I now know that each and every one of us has the power to be phychic who just be whatever we want to be as long as our hearts our full of love and happiness. I have been doing meditation and other things but something’s not right I really need some help but everywhere I’ve looked wants money??? Nice

    • Hey Maria,
      Sounds like you are hypersensitive, it is where you feel a lot more than most other people. Do you find you pick up on other peoples feelings when they are around and you sort of know aspects based on feelings more so than others? If so you maybe hypersensitive like i said.. And it does exasperate many elements. Can be bothersome also when around lots of other people. If this is the case you should look up the subject, it is a big topic and it does have psychic attributes as well.

      It can also make one feel sick or multiple different things. And doctors do not have a clue about this condition either.

      Here is a book on subject as an example to check out.

  10. Hi I am 13 years old, and at I night I always see in to the future in my dreams. At first I won’t remember it but when the event happens I remmber. And I have I feeling when bad things happen and it does, I don’t know know to explain the feeling, when something bad happens. I also see this white hooded cloak ed ghost, at first it was scary that I almost screamed, but then I started geting used to it. But when I got used to it, at first I thought the ghost wanted to talk to me but I couldn’t bring myself up to it, I told my sister but she dident believe me. When I am around other people I could sense how angrey they were which made me angrey to. Even if I tell my friends and my mum and dad they will think I’m using my. Imagernation when I’m not. I also know the word of song, even if its new and I nether heard it before I will still know the words. Thank you for this website it really helped me.

  11. Hi I’m 13 years old. At night in my sleep I see in to the future,at first I thought they were only dreams but they kept coming true, I also see out side this white hooded ghost, when I saw it at first I neary screamed, but then I thought does it want to talk to me or does it relise I can see it. When I’m around people I can sense their anger which makes me angrey. I told my sister she said I was crazy so I dident told my friends or my mum and dad. Can you tell me what I am? From katie13

  12. Hi I’m 13, every night I always see in to the future in my dreams, I won’t always remember the dream but when the event happens I remember. I can also feel when a bad thing happens, I don’t know how to explain how the feeling feels. I can see this white hooded ghost at first I was so Shocked and frightened but now I’m used to it. I don’t think it notices me seeing it. I sometimes hear voices not always. I don’t know what else I can do? I’m still finding out. Timon could you exsplain to me what I am and what tipe of gifts I have? Please I’m quiet shoocked and I need to learn more. By katie, ps I told my sister and she thought I was crazy so I dident tell anyone else.

    • Hey Katie,
      Just read through your comments, you sound like you are sensitive or in other words Psychic to emotions. I am very similar, i sense when people are upset or sad or angry etc. Everyone has these senses however many just ignore them. As with the ghost you are seeing that is what is concerning me, I would recommend getting checked by a doctor first just to be safe. Meaning get a head scan just to be sure there is no other issues. That way you know it is nothing else.

      If it is a ghost hanging around you most likely need to do a cleanse. To find out about doing cleanses click here.

      Also, I would highly recommend telling your parents as well. If it is just paranormal in the end then come back and I will recommend some books for you to read to understand your sensitive side better. Sensitivity or psychic abilities can be trained or controlled as well.


  13. But my parents believe in god but I don’t. They will think I’m crazy. I’m starting to find out more about my self. I feel other peoples emotions but mostly pain and sadness. I can see in to the future to and move things with mind. I don’t see this ghost any more. I think I know why I was seeing this ghost, I was so scared of what I was exsperienting that my mind was making me seeing things. Smorning when I woke up my foot was sore for no reasons. Every sunday I go to church with my mum and dad. But I don’t believe in god so they will think I’m crazy but your right I should tell them. My sister can see sparks and my mum knows when something is going to happen before it happens, I think she has viseons like in the day time. They don’t realise. I see in to the future in my dreams. I don’t like being a crowd. I like being in the woods, the woods feel more homy to me.

    • The not liking being in a crowd could be social anxiety which is a common condition and emotional response to crowded places. Many people get it, look up “social anxiety” in Google and see if you relate to that Katie.

  14. Hi. I don’t see this ghost anymore, I think I know why I don’t. I was so scared of what was happening that mind was making me seeing things but now I’m not afraid. Your right I should tell my parents that I can see in to the future and I can feel other peoples emotions, I can also sometimes move things with my mind, when I’m angry the tempurture gets hotter. I like being alone in the woods cause I feel like I can breath better and I feel like that is where I belong. My best friend is a telephay. I know your right about telling my parents but they believe in god and they will think I’m crazy. I don’t see ghosts but I feel they are near me. I once was holding a candle and it was flicking, then I stared at it and it a came larger and taller but when I dropped my gaze it a be came small and thine. Is that natural?

    • Thanks for sharing again Katie, yeah, your fear may of made you more receptive.

      With the Candle it is hard to say as our breath can effect the flame depending on the amount of gas in our mouth when we exhale. You may want to video it to see in detail.

  15. Hi. I don’t see this ghost any more, I think it is because I am relaxing and things but before I was scared of what was happening. I still feel peoples emotions and I still see in to the future. Once I was staring at the candle then the flame went larger and taller but when I stopped looking at it, it be came small and thine. Is that natural? Your right I should tell my parents but they believe in god and I don’t. My best friend is a telephay. I think my mum gets visions in her head before anything happens. And she warns us not to do some things. I think she ignores it. My sister said the other day that she saw sparks when she touched something. When I’m angey the temputure gets hotter. I’m not afraid any more. I hate being in crowds, I like being alone. What am I?

    • The wanting to be alone could be a form of social anxiety, some people as well have this desire to be more alone than others. This could also be your personality as we are all different in our own ways.

      To me as I mentioned earlier it sounds like psychic sensitivity’s. When at a book store next you should ask for a book on the subject. It is a big topic that one. People that have this condition are more sensitive than most, can hear there own heartbeat or hear birds chirping where others will not notice. This is just some examples, some people feel there own pulse. The sensitivity can be good, but it can also be a hassle too sometimes, however as well we all have to except who we are as well and be grateful for being on this amazing planet.

      By this i mean, do not worry too much, enjoy life as much as possible, enjoy being you. If you know what i mean. Try not to classify yourself too much, you are Katie.

      Also share your experience with your Family or you sister. Talking about it is always a good thing. I know how hard it can be when you feel others may not understand fully. Talking to one of your good friends could be a good option as well.

      By the way, Happy New Year. ūüėČ

  16. I keep seeing flashes of black and white but the last time I saw a ghost I was 6. ( I am 11 know and will soon be twelve ) Know its like crazy… My friend can sense auras and feelings, my other friend was born a medium… We are to far in to back out.. There is this little ghost girl she first came to me and she keeps going to each of us… My other friend had a flash of eather the future or past… I showed the girl she was screaming for someone/something to stop… It was in the cafaterea… she keep pulling our arms when we are at school like she is trying to get us away from something… We saw a different girl to but just once, she was helping me, pulling me away from a dark presence and the other one helped the others… To day two different spots in my bible were marked, I don’t know what it means, when I touched the bible it shocked me, I read it every day… They know there powers, with me its like my powers are faint and they keep changing… I know we are young but this is all true our parents all except for one think we are crazy… what should we do?

  17. What if u feel everything and believe a lot of crazy shit about once place involved in many ways. Energy, electrical and wave effectin, seperation of minds and choices of feelings of my minds and others direction toward views or am I gonna finally meet my mind? I was not material at all. I have a five yr old, an abortion, then got pregnant even before I would of been due. And was mentally trying to figure out in my mind what I thought ultrasound would say and couldn’t go either way boy or girl. I was pregnant with non-fertirner twins. Boy n girl. I have had a rough last 6yrs and just now getting out. Obviously as u read it probably got a few directions thoughts, an a lil. Uneasy. I also without knowing somehow at times are completely” left out or controlled or eventually it happens” and I like see two of me and I see possible…….


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