Occult Powers | What are Occult Powers?

What are Occult Powers? First of all, even if you are a skeptic I am sure by the end of this article you will agree there is something amazing going on in the world and have a better understanding of the Occult mysterious world..  Read on..

what are occult powers

Okay so let me begin, what are Occult Powers? The occult as I have mentioned plenty of times on this blog is the study of the hidden, mysterious and paranormal. This comprises of many elements in life, the spirit being one, the universe being another and  the consciousness being another great example. All of these are theorised to exist, even in science yet what do we know about them. Some may know more than others and therefore have a better understanding of consciousness while others may parry even at the thought of one of these being in there reality. The hard truth is they are all real, we really do have a universe beyond our planet, we really do have consciousnesses we do not fully understand and we really do have a energy within us that still puzzles many scientists today. Whether that energy is a spirit I will leave that up to you.. (That is a massive debate in itself that one..)

So anyway back to my point, when you look at the sky at night what do we see..? The stars, and our universe right? And now what do we know of the universe? Its quite unknown isn’t it, a bit like the Occult. In a way looking at the universe is like in a way looking at the Occult. Both mysterious and paranormal with unknown powers and riddles and lastly both part of our world whether we want it to be or not.

Okay so what are Occult Powers?

So now that I have reminded us of where we are in the world and what is the Occult in a nutshell, let’s now look at how to use it as a power.. The Occult is the study of what most of us do not know or do not see, the consciousness, meditation, trance, connectedness and energies around us. Even though many of us understand this more now, it’s belief is what is important. Is seeing believing, Is feeling believing and lastly to convince you again when we look at the universe what do we see..? So in answer to all this, Occult power is the energy around us, the mystery or binding that holds all from the furthest understanding of the universe to understanding of your self.

It is not like delving into this Occult study we are going to be revealed the secret to life and the universes. It is more like a shift of understanding that is more important..

We have to remember many of us have been conditioned into believing what is right and what is wrong, what is real and what is fake, almost to the point that we forget the fundamental truth that all life is full of mystery and the only way of understanding it is by looking at the mystery. In a way to see more clealy waht is real, we really have to take away those thoughts of what is real or not and let our experience decide..  So to sum it up, Occult Powers is not about “hocus pocus”, it is more about better understanding what is really going on..

Okay, so back to what are Occult Powers and how can we tap into them..?

This may surprise you, but we are all already tapped into them, the consciousness of life and even the universe. The trick now is tuning into that understanding better in order to use it better. That is where meditation or astral projection comes in.. These two techniques have one thing in common, they both tune the spirit to a better understanding of yourself and the occult energies around us..

Overall that is Occult Powers in a Nutshell, a better understanding of the energies around us to the point where we can manipulate them in a way to a desired effect. In further posts I will go into techniques of how to manipulate the energies around us to positive desired outcomes and how to positively enhance your life..

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  1. I am a sun sign Leo and scorpio rising. I am pretty in tune with my intuitive, telepathic, psychic/clairvoyant abilities, but I would love to become better. Since I was a small child I have been a vivid dreamer, I have premonitions and my intuitive ability (very strong gut feelings) is the strongest. I have always been fascinated and obsessed with the occult, paranormal, spirits, astrology and the unknown of anything else that may tickle my fancy.. so to speak. I would love to know if you have any extra advice or info that may help me better my gifts, I enjoy your literature as I am quit the linguistic type myself. I look forward to hearing from you and remeber to keep an open mind as well as an open eye, ear and heart!!!!

  2. I have had 2 experiences in my home that I can’t explain. I was standing in front of and not touching the my dining table and the salt shaker moved and fell off the table right in front of me. The next was one of my kids shoe was lying on the kitchen floor and turn over on its own. I watched it happend. It just flipped over from being flat sole on the ground.

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