What do you think of Alien Abduction?

Alien abduction is one of those big debate areas and it has happened to millions of confessed individuals worldwide. What are the answers here? Is it all a big hallucination of the same thing..?

Alien Abduction will always be trivial, however with this one it is important to be open minded. To separate what you think is real, we have to look at the evidence of the emotions of the victims or as some refer the lucky chosen.

Who are we really to say something is just an illusion or a figment of the mind and who are we to say something is not reality to those that experience this. I know it can be a hard one to take for the skeptics that love to put no truth in anything, however if they had experienced it themselves would they say the same.

Most Alien Abductees were Sceptics Once..

The truth is so many of these Alien abducted witnesses all have one thing in common, most were skeptics until the experience. Some were doctors, some were scientists, some were geniuses and some were everyday people. Are they crazy you might ask..? How can we fully say what is fact unless we have experienced it ourselves?

What do you think of Alien Abduction..? Real or Fantasy..? Sleep Paralysis or Scientific Label for not Understanding..?

(Video above about people who have experienced Alien abduction and some scientific research to understand a bit more about it. Alien abduction is another element of science that can has never fully been answered.)

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  1. I believe there are others out there, the ones that colonized Earth and launched our race. I don’t think it is a stretch that they would return to find out more about us.

    But I also think it is difficult to prove a negative. No matter how advanced they are, wouldn’t there be some sort of trace they were here? Or maybe there is, and we are ignoring it.

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