What is Enlightenment..?

What is Enlightenment is a tough question, to many it can mean a number of different things.

Let’s take a look at what many see it as first, then feel free to comment below on what your thoughts on this..?

Buddha Attaining Enlightenment

First of all, Enlightenment was a term used by Buddha to state that he had achieved full meditative trance… Once he was Enlightened he described how he could see and feel clearly and be one with the world.  So basically was he trying to describe that Enlightenment is the state of mind that is achieved when in full complete meditative trance…?  ( Meditation )If so that would answer a lot of debates on this subject.. In this post let’s see it like it is that understanding of the term “Enlightenment”..

Comparisons of Enlightenment

This would mean that Enlightenment is like truth to Maharaji followers, seeing god to Catholic’s or Christian’s or full meditative trance to meditation experts. Whichever one of all these experiences above are all an understandable meaning for this word as they would be the ultimate inner experience depending on your beliefs.

Now let’s look at the beliefs, if we strip them away is attaining Enlightenment easier? I mean do we really need to believe in a religion to have an inner experience similar to what these people such as Buddha or Jesus or Whoever had thousands of years ago or can we go down the same neutral path as them and attain it ourselves..? Maybe by having religious beliefs we are lessening the inner connection from attaining this experience, or maybe what Buddha or Jesus was trying to say was that the truth is right there, we are all the same…

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Now that it is modern day, can we all attain Enlightenment..?

Now that it is modern day, can we all attain Enlightenment..? I personally think anyone can, If they have the inner drive.. Religion or no religion it is all about the inner experience, to one person Enlightenment may be just inner, to others it may be inner and outer. Whichever one it is not based on ego and is the persons own inner experience alone.. Many people claim as well as myself, the best way of describing deep meditative states such as deep trance is a full feeling of love and acceptance, this is the feeling that the mind cannot grasp as it is the connection to all things that we are a part of..

When trying to work out Enlightenment we all need to look at ourselves, our inner selves and ask ourselves what it means to you..? Buddha described this feeling thousands of years ago, but only ourselves can experience what we believe it to be…

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