What is Reality..?

What is reality..? Is what we see real more real than when we sleep..? Is the universe infinite..? So many questions on what is life, here are some basic theories I have been working on for each theory..

What is reality..?

Reality is a hard one, reality is a word made up to understand our lives of what we interact with.. It tries to imply that what we are experiencing while we are awake is the real world and any other form of reality is not.. This implies that dreams are not reality and are just what most consider random thoughts from the day.. Did you know that the brain can only determine what it sees as to what it understands.. Therefore that means we actually see more than what is there but our brain chooses to not see it.. Does that mean that reality is less real in some way..? In a way it implies that if the brain hides some of the truth, does it not..

reality spiritualIs what we see, real more real than when we sleep..?

This one i mentioned already in that previous summary, however let me delve into this a little more.. In dreams or more so lucid dreaming the mind is not biased so therefore sees more, does that mean it is more real lucid dreaming than physical reality..? I think this answers most questions that any form of consciousness is all valuable to us, and that’s dreams are more important as a reality than science understands.. When we consider we sleep most of our lives, there is definitely a learning spiritual curve to the dream reality as well as the physical, but they both a reality.. In a way it is like reality of different energy levels of consciousness..

Is the universe infinite..?

Understanding of reality, we also have to take in to account the infinity of the universe.. The concept of it being limitless is like looking at our selves and understanding the limitless of our own energies.. This needs to be a constant reminder to understand a bit more about the energies and ourselves, the limit less infinite universe we live in.. The mind has trouble understanding the infinity of it all, so does that mean we are not in a reality of what the mind can understand..? Also does that mean we are all literally living in levels upon levels of multi consciousness that are all just as important as each other..?

Timon Chang Mai Temple Meditation

Ever since these questions have been asked about reality, many theories have been made to its understanding.. The good news is now with modern technology and modern science, many breakthroughs have been discovered to be true including the significant understanding of that all connections of energy that we are all apart of..

In response to when the big question is asked, what is reality, you can all answer to ourselves, reality is what you see as reality.. Yes life is infinite, yes the universe is infinite, yes everything is amazing and i understand that part of understanding my own reality is understanding how awesome everything is..

2 thoughts on “What is Reality..?

  1. “Also does that mean we are all literally living in levels upon levels of multi consciousness that are all just as important as each other..?”

    From what I’ve learned, yes we do.
    “Reality” as you call it contains relativity, this realm, where we live our lives.
    There are many levels or how I am going to keep calling them, realms.
    Microscopic realm, quantum realm, physical realm, non-physical realm, metaphysical realm and who knows many more we’ll discover.
    The next realm is the non-physical realm, the astral realm, heaven, walhalla.
    For me dreams are a mixture of symbols, messages from the non-physical realm and my daily life, conscious and subconscious.

    Roel Poelwijk
    The Netherlands

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