What is the Occult?

Seeing as this is like a introduction post to The Occult Blogger I thought i should quickly go over what is the Occult first?

The word Occult has a very old meaning, it comes from the old Latin word “Occultus” which means the study of the hidden, secret, paranormal.. The word occultus also been referred to like  a science (or class in school).. So in a way we all study the Occult in some way or another, whenever we ponder on space, learn new concepts, new sciences, whenever we perform meditation or go on a spiritual journey, whenever we learn some other aspect of looking at life. All these can be broken down into deeper thoughts or understanding.

And religions are part of it as well, there is nothing separate as they do the same, studying the unknown.

What needs to be addressed and made clear straight off the bat, is that the Occult is not an evil word or action or field, it is the very fabric of deeper thought. No one can help but think deep on these matters, it is but human nature to think.. That is a common misconception of conditioning.

Occult Reference

The term Occult has on occasions been referred to a religious or magical organisations or orders, basically wherever unexplained aspects of life are delved in to the word Occult has been used.  While on occasions some of these organisations have on occasions been linked to sacrifices and rituals that many would judge as wrong, many are not like this and also to study the Occult you do not have to be part of a Cult..

The Occultist

An Occultist is a single person who studies the arts or the unknown, sometimes referred to as a witch or sorcerer. These people are focused on trying to understand further what is hidden. Today, the Occultist could be referred to searching for god, or enlightenment or truth… Whatever it is it is all the same element, the Occult is the understanding of what we cannot see…

The Occult Subjects

The Occult can be broken into many areas where this blog will delve — meditation, religion, levels of consciousness, astral projection, lucid dreaming, rituals, ghosts, paranormal, aliens, spiritual, amazing creatures, mediums, understanding death and many more…

Basically wherever there needs discussion related to the unknown or hidden, The Occult Blogger will try to be there…

11 thoughts on “What is the Occult?

  1. the truth is the word occult has been over the years associated with devil worshipping and all other social vices as a genuine seeker of occult hidden knowledge since age 14 there’s no going back on my quest for both material and spiritual richness which is what attracted me to the occult I hope I see the benefits of my choice that’s what counts at the end of the whole seeking so I hope this site will be of help to me.

    • Hey Onyilofor,
      Yes it is true that it has been associated with the Devil, but at the same time so many things over time have been associated with the devil. Basic medicine or science over the last thousand years being one example. Anything basically that the Church was afraid to ponder they gave it the name Occult, even when many aspects of the Bible refer to much the same practices in themselves. This brings up a big topic really, because it is psychology and perception of fear that lead people down to conclusions like the devil in the first place.

      In reality we all know now, that studying the stars is not the devil or using modern medicine is not the Devil or Occult that the Church previously would want us to believe.

      In a way it is the action of religions over the years that is causing so much problems in the world overall and still does. So too another religion could even call another the devil etc, etc.. Religions in general therefore are a weakness. In reality all it is promoting a way for people to fear death less, by giving them an option of opting out of conscious deep thought. Which in the end contradicts what the Bible texts even suggest as well. I have read the Bible three times and what the Church promote is far from what the reality of its meaning. Same goes in all religions really.

      So to the understanding of the word “Occult” it is best to look at like unbiased thought. To think freely without religious bounds of control. To see life more deeply and more expansive. To be more spiritual to yourself as well..

  2. thanks very much,please i will like you to go straight to the point for i need this wealth and money.what most i do.

  3. How true, that anything that is hidden is occult. The term is not used much in the US any more except by a few folks who have no idea what it means.
    Here in the far West corner of Texas and the state of New Mexico to our North most Wiccan-Pagans do not need to hide our religious beliefs. We call this being ‘out of the broom closet.’ We even rent a city park and have a Pagan Pride Day celebration each year in October. Food booths, booths and tables selling all sorts of things. There is even a stage where there is singing, dancing and other entertainment.
    Namaste, Rev. Ken S

  4. To many,occult is like a place were wealth can be achieved easily due to their obssesion in physical riches, but i believe there is more to that.to my view, occult is the source to great reality, self consciousness and wisdom. it has been on my mind since i was 10 years old to understand the mystery of life and why certain things happen that cannot be explained. i was brought up in a christian family were anything related to occult is termed as demonic. i am a gemini by birth star and i want to know more about the occult.being an occultist as been my dream.

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