What to do if Confronted by a Spirit?

Being confronted by a spirit or ghost can be a very confronting situation for anyone. You may want to run, you may be confused or you may be thinking you are going crazy. Here are few simple techniques to do in this situation:

One of the best advice to give is advising the spirit to go to the light. This is probably one of the best methods and can help the spirit go to where it needs to go.. The light is an unknown rational, however a common fix according to many references by psychics and powerful mediums.

One way of looking at it, the light could be a door the spirit can enter to move on through the spiritual world however many spirits get confused or held here by guilt or similar. As an example, it may be difficult for a spirit to move on, firstly if they do not know there physical body has died or if they are racked with guilt to do with something that happened in there life, maybe trauma or similar.

These things can cause a spirit to linger so when we confront we need to respect them as another element just as you would another human you just met.

What to do if Confronted by a spirit?

(Sorcerer warding off an unwanted Ghost or Spirit.. Image for the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft)

The second big advice here is trying to not feel fear, fear itself can often be a fuel and make paranormal worse for yourself and some spirits may use this energy to fuel themselves..

The third big advice is be cool and calm and ask the spirit questions about why they are here and if a response occurs reply in a way like you would to a human with respect. Remember, unless you are dealing with a demon then we must remember ghosts are still human.  By seeing them as different you can confuse yourself and confuse the spirit and make them reactive to your intent so bare in mind your respectful actions in doing so.

If these three tips on What to do if Confronted by a Spirit do not help you, then you will want to do a major Haunted House Cleanse. This involves a few steps as well and so make sure to follow the advice on this page.

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  1. Take control. Perform the lesser ritual of the pentagram or enough of it to put yourself in a controlling state of mind. Then access the situation and act accordingly.

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