Wunjo Rune of Joy and Hope – Occult Symbols

wunjo rune of joy and hopeThe viking rune Wunjo is another ancient occult symbol. This rune is very powerful and has been used throughout the ages. If unsure of what the runes are exactly, I mentioned this in a previous post on Algiz the Rune of protection. A brief  history of runes goes like this –

Runes are very old powerful occult symbols that originated from Norse, Germanic peoples history predating over 1300 BC. They are an old magical language that is believed to have been discovered by Odin (often referred to as the Viking God) to allow the people to use the elements of nature around them. Often the runes will symbolize elements around us, such as trees, rivers, mountains and many more..

Wunjo – The Flag Symbol

Wunjo is the rune of Joy and hope and as can be seen from the image of the symbol above generally is referred to as the flag symbol. The long poll and the flag showing by the triangle symbol at the top. Many indications of its use are the representation of a victorious battle. The joyous celebration of a triumphant victory..

If an individual uses the Wunjo symbol Magically say in a necklace or talisman the Wunjo symbol is said to bestow or encourage a victory or attainment of a desired outcome. In a way the rune Wunjo looks beyond the victory of the achievement all the way to the celebration following the victory and is therefore is an essential aid in completing your magical visualization.

Simply said Wunjo brings luck and hope and joy to those overcoming great odds. It does not have to represent a real battle, it  may be a spiritual battle or even a victory of achievement of something where added help is needed. That is where Wunjo comes in.

“I have Wunjo on my side, so my happy victory is already said.. My outcome is already written..”

wunjo rune

Keyword Meanings of Wunjo – The Wunjo Rune symbol is the 8th letter in the elder furthark. It represents Joy, happiness, victory, ecstasy, glory, reward, success, recognition, accomplishment, celebration, comfort, pleasure, fellowship, harmony, prosperity.

4 thoughts on “Wunjo Rune of Joy and Hope – Occult Symbols

  1. It good to read on a subject that has caught me by surprise my question what do occult members do with people who abuse their power and steal in the natural and don’t suppose to controlling other members possibly. I was used as a light to some hell workers and evil took control to point of mind control. NEED ADVICE

    • Hey Ronita,
      Try to see the Occult as a study of what cannot be seen. This includes many elements of which everyone does everyday without even knowing it.. As for mind control aspects i would focus on getting away from the situation that is causing it. Then surrounding yourself in positive people. Mind control is very common and many who use it do not even know they are wielding very negative energies in the process. As an example in many workplaces where workers are treated badly mentally, can be one form in itself. Secondly so can any negative relationship where one partner is always trying to control more than the other. And another is negative friendships where you feel compelled or controlled by others.

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