What Does One do to become Psychic? Is that even Possible?

I received an email from a reader this morning relating to a common question i receive on ways to become Psychic and what one does to become Psychic? Below is the question and my answer on the subject.

To: Timon Weller

From: Sandy

Message: Hello! I just read your posting about the 12 tips for improving your
psychic abilities and found it most interesting. But what does one do to become psychic? Is that even possible? So much occurs around me and I wish had a better sense of intuition. It seems to me the two (intuition and psychic) go hand in hand. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Sandy

psychic yantra

Hi Sandy,

Yes, intuition and psychic are both very similar, however intuition is more of what we are born with, where as psychic is a development of learning and experience as well. The same goes though, that some people are more psychic than others. From my own understanding of it we are all psychic and all intuitive, it is about tuning the receptiveness of this that really increases it. Like my tips on that post, they are there to help tune it better (enhance it).


So in answer to your question directly i say we are all psychic, some ignore it and some notice it.. Some tune it better and some are even born very tuned to it.. To develop it more i recommend doing a lot of meditation and reading a lot of spiritual books. Also recording your dreams had massive impacts on me to do with intuition, manifestation (thinking of something or someone and then it comes to you) and awareness of my life.

I hope this helps and thanks for reading the Occult Blogger

Timon Weller

2 thoughts on “What Does One do to become Psychic? Is that even Possible?

  1. Hey Timon,

    Just replying to your questions…

    Yes, I am quite sensitive to emotional energy. I can concentrate on other things but sometimes I forget to distract myself because I get carried away with “feeling too much” for someone or “being in the moment”

    My sensitivity has stemmed from a very emotional childhood. I don’t think I had much of a childhood let’s just put it that way. Losing both my parents before I turned 23 added to it. Becoming a mother straight after that took it to another level.

    Funny you should say I refrain from others… You hit the nail right on the head! I feel less vulnerable and more comfortable in my home, than anywhere else.

    I have meditated before but am not so good with it. My mind is very hard to quiet down.. in simple words I’ve got a chatty mind – can’t shut up! I would need to see someone to talk me through it.

    Thanks Timon for your reply!!


    • Your welcome Nora,
      Glad i helped in some way. Yes meditation is the key here to help the quietening. It does take time to get the knack however so one needs to be patient and practice makes perfect as they say..

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